Agua Dulce

Well, something interesting has occurred to me: I may like being really busy? I don’t want to have lots and lots of time to sit around and do nothing? And there’s me thinking I did!

Circus Elephant

I’m back to hardly being able to find time for the odd blog!  What’s been happening over the last 3 weeks? Well after ‘the incident’ I wrote about in the last blog I went away for a few days. It was good to get away from it all and I took care to treat myself to a few new shirts and a special coffee and a creme caramel. When I got back to the resort it turned out that several women who didn’t usually go to this couple’s class were going and they asked me to go too. If they were willing to support me, I was willing to go too. It was good. There was no apology but they took care to be friendly and – rightly or wrongly – I was polite but cool in return and just nodded.

Progresso Border Crossing, Mexico

Another thing I did that was an eye opener was go to Mexico for the day to the one, last, ‘safe’ border town where everyone goes to have dental work done and buy medicine. To be honest it was a bit disappointing: there are wooden hoardings everywhere and it’s a town just for the tourists. I went with a friend and his son and waited while they had dental work done. Then we walked through the little town and bought a few souvenirs – hoodies for my sons.

The highlight for me was lunch in one of the older – if not oldest – buildings in town. There was a souvenir store on the ground floor and a restaurant on the top floor. It was very ‘Cafe Casablanca’ style complete with a man playing an electronic organ and a small wooden dance floor. After shrimp and fahitas we danced a little and it was pure magic: in my heart I was back in 1942!

Sportsmans Paradise

On the way out I bought a few duty frees and promptly found out that there are no longer such things as ‘duty frees’. There were little huts where American officials collected duty on every bottle and every pack of cigarettes. Oh well! We also went into an incredible store – only in Texas… There were perfectly taxidermied animals and birds everywhere, amid lifelike scenes painted on the walls and ceilings.

A week later I’m sitting in my trailer writing this blog, having moved my trailer out to a ranch in a place called Agua Dulce (pronounced A-wa Doolsee). Sitting by my feet is a sweetheart of a little boy playing with his John Deere tractors, dump trucks and an excavator. A few minutes earlier we bounced on the trampoline and watched a train go by – very long and whistling just the way they do in the movies. Earlier I had a hot tub. What a hard life?!

There are a hundred-and-one things I need to do and so long as I have my quiet haven to get away from it all, I seem to thrive on it? I’ll be going back to Aransas for my favourite line dances and massage – which together with the chiro has indeed made a difference to my level of wellness and energy.

Yay! Life is good. Very, good.

6 thoughts on “Agua Dulce

    • The more I live/learn, the more I love life! I’m very proud to think that you think we’re alike in so many ways. Thanks Catherine! I miss you guys. xx

    • Thanks Deirdre! Everyone’s complaining about the cold Canadian wind that’s caused very cold weather right now, so I’m keeping my head down!! xx

  1. Welcome to your life!!! You, like me have a hard time NOT learning, doing, living….and I like that about both of us. You will make the best of everything, and continue to be an amazing woman….I know it!

  2. By the way…I don’t know who’s complaining….weather in Victoria has been mostlt awesome….warmest winter I remember for ages. Some cold winds but more good days with sun and highs of 10-12 degrees (that’s 50-55 degrees farenheight for your American friends and readers)….pretty good for Canada eh?

  3. Excellent weather! Whenever it’s cold here the TV talks of Canadian winds and blames us!! Apparently it’s been awesome in Calgary too. xx

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