All Aboard!


As the taxi pulled alongside the massive high-rise – which was actually the cruise ship – I became aware of a feeling not unlike indigestion behind my ribs. A wave of disappointment washed over me. Surely I should be feeling pure excitement?

Pool Area Onboard with plenty of sun beds for all

Hmmm… This was a ghost feeling, albeit one whose roots I couldn’t really understand? And one that I certainly didn’t want right now?  Like it or not I had to allow my mind to go there. I promised myself that I would find a quiet chair on deck and spend some time thinking… Once I convinced myself – and I have to keep my promise! – I was able to shake the feeling and get on with the day.


The ship is magnificent!  It’s huge – the largest vessel in the Royal Caribbean fleet – and caters luxuriously to every whim of over 4,500 passengers. All the basics of your holiday are covered – including world class cuisine, a sit down dinner and pampering by your own waiters and waitresses, towels by the pool, snacks and coffees at a dozen different little cafes throughout the ship, dancing and entertainment and twice-daily room tidying. There are cruises within the cruise: that is groups of specialized cruises on this cruise ship at the same time – my own cruise is a dance cruise, with workshops teaching all kinds of ballroom dance every morning and with extra social dancing in the afternoons and at night – absolute heaven! Several days had gone by though – and several whole Caribbean Islands had passed – without my exploring them. There is just so much to do…

Of course these are still more of my ‘tendencies’ – the tendency to get so busy that I forget just to relax and enjoy myself… And the tendency to ‘need’ (not a real need at all!) to “work” rather than accept myself not working and allowing myself to ‘let go’. Today – and every day – is yet another chance to face my ghosts and sweeten this precious life.

The seasickness I’d worried about didn’t happen – yes I can feel the ship sway… Especially on the 11th and 14th floors where some of the dancing is. Apart from feeling drunk – and that fits right in here! – I feel just fine. I was also concerned that I might have forgotten how to dance… Which is largely true but really doesn’t seem to matter at all!

Woo-hoo! I’m on a cruise!!!

3 thoughts on “All Aboard!

  1. You will have alot of friends.To begin with your going with your srsendifo it should be fun regardless.Tanning on the deck,watching movies,dancing,getting dressed up or wutever its alot of fun with friends.Plus spring break is when all teens and college students take a cruise so you can meet some people.Bring a few different swimsuits, alot of shorts and tees, and also formal clothing. U can choose to eat dinner at the fancy resteraunt they have onboard and you need to dress up for that. I have seen some people where prom dresses and stuff but personally i say you go for a cocktail dress or something like that. oh and some clubbing clothes just in case.If i were u i wud back off the alcohol cuz alot of crazy stuff has happened to ppl that were drunk no joke.When you get off the ship at ur different destinationsmake sure that where ur gonna go is safe.Personally i dont like the whole touristy part of the citycuz im fun and adventerousbut some places are really dangerous and u get mugged among other things..Dont’ll have fun!

    • Sorry to tell you this, but the Holiday was the worst ship Ive ever wokerd in. Terrible. And Ive wokerd onboard for 10 years.Hopefully the made some renovations, because it was really bad.As for booze, get your cabin steward to get you a bottle from the Duty Free. Tip him and he will do it. On top of the tip they get 20% off the prices, so its a deal.They do it all the time.

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