Anxiety Buster – Natural Anxiety Treatment

Natural Anxiety Treatment – First Steps To Feeling Better…

NVC-CDWhether it’s low self esteem or anxiety – or whatever the feelings are that have got you in their grip – the natural anxiety treatment and first steps to take are the same…  These steps will get you on the right track – and Compassionate Communication – aka NVC or Non Violent Communication – will help keep you on that track and enhance every single relationship you have along the way, including that between spouses and parent/child.

Slow down – or even stop yourself in your tracks – for a minute

Notice exactly what you’re feeling

Connect with yourself and accept those feelings, however awful they might seem

Be curious about them. Journal about them.

Even ask them questions…. Take yourself – and this natural anxiety treatment – seriously.

Don’t try and change your feelings or push them aside or try and make yourself ‘feel better’.  That”s a guaranteed way to feel worse and of making these feelings bigger and getting them to stay.

Don’t try and ‘logic’ yourself out of your feelings. That’s another way that will guarantee they stay.

Feelings are the mind’s way of getting our attention.

There’s something we need to know and our mind is trying to tell us. Natural anxiety treatment works with the mind.

Sometimes these feelings are ‘left over’ from the past.

Sometimes they are trying to point out an important and precious need that we have.

We ignore them at our peril…

If they are left over from the past, we still need to welcome them.  Which may sound strange but if you want to feel better as quickly as possible, then this natural anxiety treatment is the only way.
515dUmaQT-L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Understand your feelings and go over – thoroughly debrief – where those feelings come from. Let the mind see – as clearly as possible – if you no longer need those feelings.  Your mind is trying to keep you safe and make sure you don’t fall into danger.

For example…

If anxious feelings were first there when you were little and your parents were fighting and you knew that would mean another night of no supper…

And you were ‘fine’ for years…

But now for some reason that anxiety has come back so try a natural anxiety treatment that will really help…

Welcome the feelings.

Check out with them – with your ‘gut’ – whether maybe there’s some sense in those feelings?

Is there a potentially unsafe-for-your-emotions situation around you?

Are these feelings trying to warn you to take care?

Or are you in a new and safe relationship and these feelings are no longer needed?

Maybe they were just triggered by the fact that the love and ‘need’ of your new partner were similar to that of a small child for his mother?

Let your mind clearly see the connection…

Let your mind know that you are safe and that you don’t need these anxious feelings this time

Let your mind know that you are grateful that it’s ‘looking out’ for you

NVC-CDLet it clearly see that you don’t need these anxious feelings this time. (I’ve deliberately repeated that part – you want to let your mind see it very clearly…)

Do things that you find pleasant and relaxing – whether it’s walking on the beach or treating yourself to a chocolate bar.

In time you will start to feel better.

Learn NVC – aka non violent communication or compassionate communication.  The one person we often forget to be kind to is ourself. Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC is best thing since sliced bread!  It’s the most powerful book I have ever read – and at the same time incredibly simple and insanely difficult.  You can also find various other books, videos and CDs of his at your local library.

If you ‘relapse’, it’s probably not a relapse.  The mind is usually way too smart for that.  But perhaps it’s another trigger that’s causing these feelings anew.  Often, especially when our pasts were traumatic, there can be several triggers lying in wait for us.

515dUmaQT-L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Welcome your feelings again and know that it’s just your mind looking out for you.  Spend some time journalling and thinking through – debriefing – your situation again. Re-Go through all these steps. Paying attention to yourself is the best anxiety medicine – it really works and it is absolutely the safest and most permanent ‘fix’.

As an aid to getting a good nights’ sleep – which definitely helps – try natural remedies for anxiety such as St Johns Wort tablets or, better still, a mug of warm milk with some honey or cocoa.

Good luck! Soon we’ll have an anxiety self test here on the site – although I think anxiety is the one symptom you’re probably well aware of!

by-the-way…  The best and most efficient armies always thoroughly debrief their soldiers after every operation whether it failed or succeeded wonderfully.  By doing that, they can make sure they dot every i and cross every t and do even better next time. They do it because it works!