Selective Hearing

Selective Hearing – Explained by GNM Have you heard the phrase Selective Hearing? Perhaps this phrase has been thrown at you? (These words are usually ‘thrown’ at us in a ‘not a compliment’ way by someone who wants to ‘force’ their view on us.) Selective hearing is the idea that you purposefully ‘don’t hear’ something … Read more

10 Top Essential Oils and over 50 Uses

10 Top Essential Oils and over 50 Uses The 10 top essential oils and over 50 uses are here! Our sense of smell is often overlooked but very powerful and these oils are packed with a myriad of potent phytochemicals (natural, plant-based compounds). Natural health improvement as well as making a lovely home is an … Read more

Laughter Yoga – All the Way to the Health Bank

Written by Julie Taylor An important addition to health – a fashion – has swept across North America at a furious pace over the last few decades. Even traditional doctors agree that yoga, in all its forms, are great for body and mind. But they require tying yourself in knots and holding impossible positions… Don’t … Read more

What is normal anyway?

Written by Julie Taylor There have been some very interesting developments recently in knowledge about the brain. More and more, we are learning how our brains work and for me that’s very exciting! 32 years ago I woke from a coma, completely paralyzed and I was told I would never walk again. I was  assured – … Read more

Childhood Vaccination Dilemma

Written by Julie Taylor My son had a precious baby daughter the other day and is now plunged into the dilemma of whether, when and against what to vaccinate. There are over 46 separate vaccines being forced on us today – all of them representing $$ and jobs to the pharmaceutical companies as well as … Read more

Alzheimers – early warning signs

Written by Julie Taylor My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s quite a few years ago.   What makes me sad for her (and hopeful for future generations) is that if it were today, she may have lead a much better quality of life. She was diagnosed shortly before turning the age of 60.  Normally, you wouldn’t … Read more