Canada Day!

On July 1st I was watching TV in my Mom’s living room. The Canada Day celebrations from Parliament Hill in Ottawa was on and I was struck by the young enthusiasm I saw.  In fact it was my mom who pointed it out to me. I’d been feeling pretty weary about our future – the world’s future. I see our leaders as out of touch with ‘real people’ – especially young people. And hopelessly inflexible.

Today was different for me. I saw a true/real acceptance and celebration by Canadians of all Canadians – from the earliest white settlers in Nova Scotia to Afghan Canadians, African Canadians, Indian Canadians, Chinese Canadians and I hope (didn’t see?) Aboriginal Canadians. I saw exuberance and youthful intelligence, embodied in all of the singers and dancers and in the faces of Prince William and Lady Catherine who were at the ceremonies. For the first time in many years I felt very hopeful. And that these youngsters were adults, well able to take the reins and lead us confidently.

I felt free to start this new phase of my own life and confidently pass the baton of responsibility to a fabulous generation – of young adults who include my sons and daughters.  At last I feel free to travel and write. To try and make sense of what I’ve learned over the years and to finish connecting the dots. Great!

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