Brain Food

Written by Julie Taylor Brain Food and Thought Nutrition… Nutritious, plant-based foods greatly increase strength and vitality in the human body. Most know that. Today, researchers are rediscovering a long-held truth: foods also generate a profound effect in the human brain. You think what you eat. They’re one of the mysteries of life, those tiny … Read more

Multi-Vitamins and Supplements

Written by Julie Taylor Basic Multi-Vitamins and Supplements – the first, easy and essential – step in your journey of recovery… In today’s world to achieve perfect health, supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals. Basic vitamins, my zapper, clean waterand exercise are what keep me healthy. Too complicated and too many bottles? Usana make … Read more

Seek Help, Even Before You Need It

Written by Julie Taylor Seek help, even before you need it… …is part of emotional rebuilding (rather than cognitive) because admitting that you need help with trauma counselling is an emotional business.   It’s hard to accept that you might need help. Sometimes living situations change after brain injury and professional counselling helps.  Perhaps you can … Read more

Independence – Strategies To Cope With Life

Written by Julie Taylor Independence… Remember the terrible twos and the first struggle for independence – maybe as a parent rather than as the child – when independence in everything from tying shoelaces to choosing what clothes to wear was so important? Or the second struggle as a teenager – without the hormones perhaps – … Read more

Anger Management 101 – Funk tha World

Written by Julie Taylor Anger Management 101 – “Funk tha World”… Anger is a Healthy Emotion – Learn from the expert how to feel your anger and then read on to find out what to do with it. Emotions… D’ya feel me? What abrilliant expression.  Don’t just hear the words.  Get the emotion behind what … Read more

Emotions – do you still love me?

Written by Julie Taylor Emotions – Do You Still Love Me? The emotions take a beating during any kind of trauma?  Everyone has a slightly different story, but the fact remains that the emotions are definitely affected.  Crying bouts are not uncommon at all and are an expected result of trauma.  We become so very … Read more

Trauma and the Effect on the Kids

Written by Julie Taylor Trauma and the Effect on the Kids… The effect of trauma – including cancer, brain injury and divorce – on children of all ages can be deep – even if everyone seems to be coping well on the outside. A few months after my bout in hospital I asked my doctor … Read more

Depression & Anxiety

Written by Julie Taylor Depression & Anxiety… Depression and anxiety often seem to go together?  Probably not least of all because if you know you are depressed you are likely to worry about the effect your depression will have on others around you (and their already ‘reserved’ impression of you).  That’s bound to cause anxiety!  … Read more

Is Trauma A Gift We Want To Accept?

Written by Julie Taylor Is Trauma a Gift WeWant To Accept? Is stroke, a heart attack, divorce or any kind of major physical trauma somehow a gift?  Should we accept it ‘just because’? (‘We’re taught that ‘nice’ people ‘should’ accept their gifts with a smile…) PS – Whenever I hear the word ‘should’ I think … Read more

Ibogaine – A True Story

Written by Anonymous Have you heard of Ibogaine? This is the story of an inspirational event that happened just days ago here in Canada to one of my own clients.  The story is written by that client and beautifully describes what happened, without any exageration or embellishment.  For privacy my client has chosen to remain anonymous – … Read more