Communication 101 Post Combat – or after any Trauma

Written by Julie Taylor Communicating with Traumatic Brain Injury or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Post Combat, You Can Learn to Communicate Again – and Others Can Learn to Communicate With You,Just Fine This article is written particularly for ‘others’ – ‘normals’ – who want to communicate with the head or brain injured.  But it’s … Read more

Benefits of Meditation

Written by Julie Taylor Increase the Effectiveness of All Treatments… The benefits of meditation are indisputable! There is a brilliant neurosurgeon in North Vancouver, Dr Brian Hunt, who found with his own patients – often young athletes with brain injuries – that just a few minutes a day (actual meditation techniques didn’t matter) made a … Read more

The Living Matrix, DVD Review

Written by Julie Taylor Last night I rushed to see the end of a movie that I had long wanted to see the whole of: The Living Matrix. I was late, driving up and down the road in a frenzy, peering through the rain and windscreen wipers for the right address.  Every month the Positive … Read more

Mobility options…

Written by Julie Taylor …available to those with a spinal cord injury.  Technology today has revolutionized the life of someone with a severe disability such as a spinal cord injury. There are many assisted technology devices designed to increase an individuals’ level of independence. These products are so important to get the highest level of … Read more

Total Biology Part 1

Written by Julie Taylor Total Biology is the result of over 35 years of scientific research, clinical experience, personal research, and study of renowned international authors by Dr. Claude Sabbah. Total Biology is a set of findings and principles that solidly places the nature of disease on universal biological principles and on the interaction between … Read more

Total Biology Part 2

Written by Martin Guay Total Biology is based on about 15% to 20% of German New Medicine and also encompasses General Biology (animal, plant, and human), Art (medical and veterinarian), Science (experimental and applied), Astrophysics, Pure Theoretical Research, Ethnology, Sociology, Neurosciences, Neurolinguistics, Ethology, Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry, and Ethno-Psychiatry. It’s not possible to talk about Total Biology … Read more

Hope for Brain Injury: Why do ADD and ABI share symptoms?

Written by Julie Taylor Why Do ADD and ABI Share Symptoms? Because, it seems, the injured brain is the injured brain? Whether it’s injured in some way ‘naturally’ by circumstance or whether injured in an accident, the symptoms are often similar. Shireen was tired of being ignored or even disbelieved and so looked around for … Read more

Disability Etiquette

Written by Julie Taylor How can you enhance the day of a person with a disability?  Or just not ruin it?  Often simply by addressing them with respect and friendliness. More than ever before, I am delighted to see persons with disabilities enriching the lives of all of us by being in our classrooms, shops, … Read more

ReBounding for ReBuilding!

Written by Julie Taylor Laugh a Little, Live a Lot! You’ll be surprised and delighted at what a difference exercise – and this is excellent – can make.  Over 33 benefits are listed here! I first used a rebounder in the Physio department at my local hospital because it’s a very powerful tool to help … Read more