This is the week – or two – that everyone goes crazy here in Calgary! I’ve never seen so many cowboy boots and hats as I did the other night – mostly on the hundreds of leggy young girls in micro-shorts (at Ranchmans – which was completely over-the-top crazy)! And I had no idea that … Read more


Leaving your home behind and going off travelling for a couple of years may sound like a dream-come-true… Sounds like the good life. But… It’s not without its own challenges. Which took me by surprise. Belonging and feeling ‘rooted’ is a very powerful human need. And I know that? I talk about it a lot with my clients. … Read more

Rain and Floods

The next day S and I left and headed for Port Aransas – I wanted to show off the glorious beaches I’ve often boasted of but the weather had other ideas. In fact the weather echoed what I felt deep inside: the wind howled, thunder rumbled, lightning flashed  in the distance and the rain bucketed … Read more

Down to the wire

My stay here is almost over and my legs feel lead: I don’t want to leave. I’ve grown to truly love this part of Texas. This last week I was based at a lovely RV park,  a short way from Corpus Christi which you get to over a long causeway and a tall bridge that stretches … Read more


Oh no… We had already left ‘at sea’ behind us and were arriving back in the port of San Juan by the time I got out on to the deck (again) to watch the sunrise over the horizon, out at sea.  I’d set my alarm for 5.45am and made it in time – this time … Read more

Cruising Full Steam Ahead

I felt like Alice in Wonderland (with camera), dazzled by gleaming glass staircases embedded with brass clock gears, crystal chandeliers sparkling overhead and spiral staircases with thick gleaming wood handrails, unable to decide which of the 14 floors I was supposed to be on!  The staff worked hard to make our experience comfortable and shiny … Read more

All Aboard!

As the taxi pulled alongside the massive high-rise – which was actually the cruise ship – I became aware of a feeling not unlike indigestion behind my ribs. A wave of disappointment washed over me. Surely I should be feeling pure excitement? Hmmm… This was a ghost feeling, albeit one whose roots I couldn’t really … Read more