San Juan Condado Beach

I’m still alive and well, if a bit bleary eyed?! I have a few blog posts to catch up on – hectic schedule and I had to choose: dancing or blogging. Well, technically it was a choice! I’ve forgotten my photo uploader too, so sending love to everyone and photos to follow… Perfection! A high … Read more

Whistle Stop San Antonio

Just another huge, North American, urban sprawl, I thought… Until I checked out Riverwalk at night and found it not only hopping but with music other than country-western and with a wonderfully refreshing and eclectic mix of people, many of them young. The old blends comfortably with the new – and there’s a lot of … Read more

Sunny Sunday

Woke up this morning to bright sunshine – and animals all around my trailer! A naughty horse called Franklin got out of his paddock and came to investigate my trailer! Yesterday Cosmo, a very confident, working, paint horse, led all the goats with their new Spring babies, sheep and other horses out here. I’m still … Read more

Agua Dulce

Well, something interesting has occurred to me: I may like being really busy? I don’t want to have lots and lots of time to sit around and do nothing? And there’s me thinking I did! I’m back to hardly being able to find time for the odd blog!  What’s been happening over the last 3 … Read more


Something happened well over a week ago that threw me for a loop – although I welcome just about anything that will help teach me about myself and allow me to grow. I had to give myself some time to ‘digest’ and make sense of events: I think I’m ready to talk about it now. … Read more