Dance till you drop…

On Friday I rolled into Comox at around 1pm, having totally missed the earthquake that happened just before?! (I was driving in a noisy truck, maybe that was why?)  I found a great beach by the ferry to Powell River (I went there last year!) and sunbathed, had lunch and walked the dog. Moments like … Read more

A Gypsy for Real…

Update? The dog is depressed and I long for a jacuzzi! Other than that… I hankered after traveling and writing and being footloose and fancy-free for as long as I can remember. So now you’ve got it, stop whining! And for my own personal growth I need this! Why did I want to do this … Read more

Cuddles and Kayaking

What a great weekend! Cuddling with my grandkids, spending time with my son and kayaking for the very first time (courtesy of Christine). I’m too tired from sun and excitement to even to post a photo tonight! On a serious note – while sitting around the campfire with a marshmallow and a glass of wine! … Read more

Officially a Gypsy!

Last night I spent my first ‘real’ night with my eldest son Matt (easing gently into anything new makes changes less painful – this is my aim!) staying near Neck Point – this morning I walked round the park there with Oreo. It was such a beautiful place that one couple had decided to get … Read more

One Week and Counting!

It’s been beautiful, these last few weeks. I’ve walked on the beach – my beach – here in Cadboro Bay and spent time with my wisdom tree. And where else in the world could a very ordinary ‘beginning dancer’ dance on the stage in the bandshell at Butchart Gardens – a world class tourist attraction … Read more

A Week with Wings

I was not even in the door of my small support group for fellow counsellors today and I was telling of my plans with tears flowing. Not crying, but with emotion leaking out of my eyes, such was the pressure that was inside me. Instinctively my body reached out, physically, to find relief with what turned … Read more

In The Blink Of An Eye…

A particularly exhausting, but very satisfying week… Making the decisions necessary to change my life from a mother and counsellor with a home and all that goes with it. To this gypsy life that seems to be unfolding. Buying and testing out my new/old motorhome over the mountains to Calgary to visit my sons. And … Read more