Dalai Lama – Never Give Up

Written by Julie Taylor I love these words (below) by the Delai Lama…  I saw them in an acupuncturists’ office one day: so simple and plain.  And powerful.  I wanted to share them with you here.  As always, if you have a comment or feedback for me, I look forward to your EMAIL. Never give … Read more

Story of a young man who collided with 6 wild boar…

Written by Julie Taylor Just the other day I received this letter from Adam, which he has given me permission to share with you.  Since then I havecontacted the Brain Injury Society where he lives and found him the names of 3 rehabilitation hospitals that can help him.  I’ve also blended and reprinted the information … Read more

Jack Lalanne Videos

Written by Julie Taylor This man is an inspiration to me. I found his videos here on the internet and quickly realized that here was a man who believed in simplicity of life and the power of the mind. I am sad to announce that Jack LaLanne, called by some the godfather of modern fitness, … Read more

Young Adults With Cancer…

Written by Julie Taylor My hat is off to all support groups for cancer!  May hat is also off to all young people having to rebuild their lives after cancer – and other serious traumas.  This includes me! Thank God for young people’s youth – which makes suffering trauma at this age especially tragic but … Read more

I Want To Walk Again – Life After Physical Trauma

Written by Julie Taylor The other day I received an email from a very unhappy professional athlete who had recently been badly injured.  He’d been involved in a motorbike accident and couldn’t walk, although his spinal cord wasn’tsevered.  He had no sense of balance and sat up in the chair he was put in every … Read more

The Silent Revolution – Life After Trauma

Written by Julie Taylor Life After Trauma: A Workbook for Healing by Dena Rosenbloom, Mary Beth Williams PhD and Barbara E. Watkins.  “What makes an event traumatic?…”   ReBuildingYou depends on your support to grow – BUY HERE – the prices are exactly the same, Amazon is a completely safe and trustworthy website and you’ll be … Read more

Bullying – Hideous Trauma

Written by Julie Taylor Bullying.  Recognizing it is the first step… -by Jean and Julie Taylor (mother and daughter) If there is anything about us that is ‘different’ – or sometimes just ‘new’ – there’s a good chance that someone will find that reason enough to bully and tease.  Particularly if that potential bully is … Read more