Emotional Independence: ConnectionCue™ Cards Lead the Way!

Want Emotional Independence? ConnectionCue™ Cards Are The Answer!

Emotional independence is when you…

…feel strong and grounded. It comes when you know and trust yourself completely. That’s what these little cards will do: give you emotional independence!

There is nothing worse than feeling helpless or misunderstood and blown around by other people’s emotional storms (drama)? Yet until you thoroughly know yourself and what you want – and until you find just the right tone of voice to ask for what you want in a way that is comfortable to you – this is how you might feel.

Emotional independence – connected to being able to express yourself clearly – is worth its weight in gold.

But how do you get to this strong and grounded place?  How do you even get to know yourself fully, let alone express yourself to others? The answer is with NVC (Non Violent Communication by Dr Marshall Rosenberg), made easy with ConnectionCue™ Cards.

Needs are the Magic!

Do you know clearly who you are and what you need to make you happy?

You must know the answers to these questions before you can start to ask others for what you want to make you happy. (And, yes, by and large people love to make other people happy!)

Dr Marshall Rosenberg, who died in 2015 and who created NVC, said “When you know, address and meet your human needs, you will feel fine. When you don’t…”

This is huge! He was right. Unbelievably simple, NVC proves to be 100% correct.

The trick is to name all of those needs and to brainstorm strategies to fill them.

That’s what ConnectionCue cards will guide you to do. Let me tell you how…

If you were sitting in a circle of half a dozen friends, you could easily brainstorm 70 or more essential human needs. There would be peels of laughter at some suggestions – and other suggestions would never make it to the final cut! Slowly you would be able to recognize all of the needs your friends were describing and choose the ones that meant the most to you. Between you, finding strategies to meet those needs would be filled in.

ConnectionCue cards will guide you to do all of that without the help, input and time required to meet in group for weeks or even months.

Needs – Not Thoughts or Feelings – Hold The Key

You need all of them – thoughts, feelings and needs… But identify your needs first.

Often people – including me with years of psychotherapy training behind me – get needs, thoughts and feelings mixed up. Yet combing out this tangle leads to peace and freedom. It leads to clarity and a wonderful groundedness.

This is one of the basic rules of NVC, which may seem oversimple at first. My reaction was dismissive:  “of course I know my own needs”.  The truth turned out to be quite different.

During times of stress…

…it’s hard to unravel and understand what would make you feel better – or clearer – in a certain circumstance.

Yet by looking at your feeling at that moment – however fleeting –  you will know what you need. Or needed.

From there it’s simple logic to brainstorm strategies to address that need and you can change your actions to align with what you believe and want. Now.

All this from listening to your instinctive feeling. Time and time again.

The result?

A strong, grounded and peaceful you that can speak your truth in a kind way that you feel completely comfortable with.

It’s not easy to remember 70+ different needs at the very moment when your mind goes blank and you feel overwhelmed. NVC theory makes perfect sense and yet it was so hard to actually ‘do’. With ConnectionCue cards everything falls into place and just makes more sense.

I had never considered that I didn’t really know myself as well as I thought I did.  And I had never thought in terms of separating thought from feelings from needs. Would it really make any difference?

It did. NVC was like a magic key! However, in practice NVC is uncannily hard to do. It is logical and so obviously ‘the right thing’.

ConnectionCue™ Cards make it easy! Glossy, bright little cards name your every need! Right in front of your eyes. You can see all of your needs at a glance. Somehow, the needs that are most important to you in a specific moment, ‘jump out’ at you and guide you to uncover your own answers, sometimes buried quite deep inside you.

Over ten years later and despite the fact that I created these cards, I still use them. I still love  to actually see all the words to connect with the need (perhaps hiding) inside me. When I spread them out in front of me, magic happens and my confusion disappears.

A straightforward guide booklet that I will email to you when you receive the cards will give you suggestions on how to use the cards.

Whatever your problem, ConnectionCue™ Cards make your path clearer for you. You can express your needs with more clarity to others. And somehow in a kinder and more gentle way. It’s human nature to want to give to those we care about and so, when we ask, we tend to receive the support we need. Wow!

It’s a wonderful thing to feel in control of your own life. Independent and interdependent at the same time.

How Do You Know Which Need – Which ConnectionCue™ Card – To Choose?

You are the expert on you. You will be drawn to the card that best fits your situation. There may be several cards that fit one situation… This is very normal.

Explore your inner world, guided by your needs. Allow ConnectionCue to walk that path with you. Brainstorm strategies to address your needs and breathe a sigh of relief as you grow in emotional independence.

Affordable email support is always available to answer any question you might have: email me! I am currently working on a sales page so that you can easily buy these cards but, for now, if you email me I will arrange to have them sent to you.

I wish you a wonderful day and thank you for reading this page!