ConnectionCue™ and RelationshipCue™ Cards

ConnectionCue™ Cards

ConnectionCue™ cards and NVC are an elegant but simple and incredibly powerful concept. NVC alone has often proved very hard to put into practice which is why I developed these brightly coloured, glossy little cards and the bigger, postcard sized RelationshipCue™ cards.

ConnectionCue™ cards bring ease of learning to NVC and to personal development and remind you of the dozens of needs that we all have, regardless of sex, race, colour or where on the globe we live. Having a full set of needs does not mean we are ‘needy’ and we forget – or miss – these needs at a great cost to ourselves.

NVC creator, psychiatrist and global peacemaker, Dr Marshall Rosenberg said “Address all of your needs and you will feel good” said. He was right.

RelationshipCue™ cards lay out clear communication for every couple and offer guidelines – and remind you of ‘the rules’ – for successful communication.

Purchase  These cards will be available on the website soon but can be purchased through me now.  Please feel welcome to send me an email with your name, address and request. I will then send you an invoice by return email which I would be grateful if you pay by e-transfer. I will then order the cards which will be sent straight to you by the printing company,

ConnectionCue™ cards are US$40 for 100 Mini-Moo cards, all different, including shipping.

RelationshipCue™ cards are US$40 for 20 postcard-sized cards including shipping.

A set of both packs is US$70 including shipping.

The cards will be ordered within 24 hours of receipt of payment and then sent direct to you from the printer,, who are pretty fast!

Thank you!