DVD Review – Urban Rebounding Workout DVD, Compilation 1

Here is a great new DVD that I’ve reviewed for you about a Great New Exercise!

rebounderRebounding is actually not so new and it was introduced to me in the Physio department at my local hospital.  Just to stand on it – with the railings provided – strengthens your core muscles as they have to continually adjust in order to balance.  Eventually you can add a few gentle jumps and before you know where you are…!! The foling Urban Rebounder can be ordered here – as can the dvd – so you never have to leave the comfort of your own home.

This DVD will help you to keep fit and toned and slow down and fight aging…  Urban Rebounding Workout DVDs start slow and rev up to a 5th, quite advanced, edition!  One of the best thing? it’s never boring and it works…

* 6 great workout videos to use with your Urban Rebounder
* Compilation 1 takes you as a beginner and moves along at your own pace
* A fun fitness program you can do in your own home
* Work on cardio, strength, stretching¿it’s up to you!

rebounding-dvdJB Berns, the creator of The Urban Rebounding Program, has taken his many years as a fitness expert and his passion for life and created an exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise at all. “It’s a fun way to work out and it is much easier on your body than most other exercises,” says JB. Do you remember what exercise was like when you were a child? Hard to remember isn’t it? That’s because you didn’t think of it as exercise. JB Berns has taken that feeling and made it the philosophy behind the Urban Rebounding workout. This unique exercise program works with gravity and not against it, toning and strengthening the body in the process. Urban Rebounding is a kid’s exercise for adults of all ages!

Get in great shape and have fun doing it in the comfort of your own home. Get started and expand your Rebounder workout with these 6 workout videos. Compilation 1 includes First Timer, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Senior, Abdominal.

This is exercise that I can do!  And one thing I have noticed for sure is that, even 25 years after my initial injury, if I lose fitness I also very quickly lose stamina and the ability just to work each day.  So this is not an optional extra for me: it’s a real essential.


Good luck with your own program and please contact me should you need.