Think twice cut once!  Writing this blog (a collection of experiences, sometimes while travelling) is fun! Part of my goal, though, is to do what I wish I had done as a teenager: take time to really think.

My Dad used to tell me (over and over again!): think twice and cut once. It’s about 45 years too late now but I will try!

I offer tales of my experiences to practice this theory. Had I allowed myself to be guided by my father’s words when I was a young woman, I wonder what my life would have been?

My experiences had a significant effect on the lives of loved ones and that was something I never considered. In fact I was oblivious. I thought I had ‘forever’ to work ‘life’ out and I never considered the other lives I touched in the meantime. I would never willingly have hurt anyone. Ever.

This website and ConnectionCue™ and RelationshipCue™ cards give you the tools you need to think twice before you cut. Consider the consequences of your own actions now. As I will.

Cue Cards guide you to successful communication with others and yourself. They help you know and make more sense of ‘now’.  They help you find your own voice, kinder and more gentle with yourself and others. They help you get what you want out of life.

ConnectionCue™ cards lead to a significant difference in the outcomes in your life by enabling you to think twice and cut just the once..

One of the most influential sentences I’ve come across over the years is “you have to teach others how to treat you”.  Nothing could be truer and nothing will help you find the right words more exactly than ConnectionCue™ cards.

Being a rebellious teen and making poor choices can quickly spiral out of control and morph into a relationship full of trauma. By the time the dust settles, your children are teenagers themselves, perhaps struggling because the foundation you gave them is rocky. What happened? Where did the time go?

I am grateful that I can make amends (a little) by using some of my own life experience to encourage others to shape their lives as they truly wish and head in the direction they choose.

Knowledge truly is power.

Tupac – a wise young teen who wrote a book of poetry: The Rose That Grew From Concrete

I thought I understood life when I was younger. I was wrong. I skidded into it like so many teenagers do, poorly equipped and headstrong.  More than ever today, our young people need a solid framework to ‘think within’ and I am impressed with young men and women’s ability to blend the information they find in their families and on the internet.

I watched a powerful video with my youngest son, of Tupac as a young teenager talking about the curriculum we still have at school and making a great case for helping kids whose lives have not been guided by ‘steady adults’,  to learn about ‘real life’ at school instead of just academics. I wish my own teachers had allowed and encouraged such open discussion: I excelled at ‘academia’, but…  Perhaps I would have used that knowledge to shape some of the choices and decisions I made.

Natural passion (what you need) is where you’ll find the most satisfaction and power in your life.  NVC and ConnectionCue™ cards show you where to find that power.  They help you understand – and connect with – yourself. This information is like gold.

Wonderful letters and testimonials from clients have been immensely rewarding and seem to make transformative personal development easier.

ConnectionCue™ cards are inexpensive and key to working successfully without a coach or counsellor. They also speed and strengthen work with a professional.

Writing could be the modern day equivalent of sitting round the campfire, listening to the elders tell their stories?

Think twice and cut once!