Holy Grail of Cancer Treatments

Holy Grail of cancer treatmentsA few minutes ago I opened an email about the ‘Holy Grail of Cancer Treatments’.  Has someone found a way to spread the news of GNM” I wondered? I could but hope.

This ‘Holy Grail of Cancer Treatments’ was an article about how Hitler had championed both cancer research and the Jewish researcher Otto Warberg, who was carrying out the research. Most odd?! It was also saying that our evil governments (probably true?!) had deliberately lost this research and kept it hidden from us.

Curious, I read on. Especially at the mention of Germany.The article was talking about how this mystery treatment cost nothing and used no chemotherapy. No drugs. No radiation. My pulse quickened: this sounded like GNM…

In Search of the Holy Grail

Then I realized that they had a product: a free book. Seemingly, if their product was free, then there was no catch? Not quite! They were also selling a subscription to further information. Oh well…

Still curious I read some of the testimonials and thought for a moment… These  testimonials could well be true!


By simply believing in this book/subject and not fearing their disease then, given that the psyche controls the health of the body, some cancers could be resolved and the body returned to full health.

I can explain… To my way of thinking, GNM or German New Medicine is intriguing: the Holy Grail. It doesn’t cost anything, per se. Ever. (Various excellent alternative health treatments – and just love and patient nursing –  help to get through the very real symptoms.

Essentially the premise of GNM is that we humans are one whole organism: brain, body and psyche. All 3 parts work in synchronicity. We believe that the psyche controls our whole health. Including physical health. Which itself includes all illness and cancer.

GNM is way too complex a subject to cover in one short blogpost but I encourage you to watch these clever animated videos – selling nothing at any stage – to learn about GNM and the 5 biological laws.  A brilliant young German woman sent me these videos today and the fact that they arrived in my inbox next to the email about Hitler and the Holy Grail is what prompted me to write this blog.

Don’t wait until you get sick… Or if you are sick, don’t wait another moment to at least open your mind to another explanation of health and sickness and another treatment option. Especially one that costs nothings.

Watch these videos today!

Yours in health,