Minimize the hurt to your children

Minimize the hurt to your children: I will also share what I have learned to help minimize the effect of your divorce on your children. Again, these are tips that I have learned from my own children and from my clients.  How can we divorce-proof the young men and women of the future?

Learn unique ways to grow a new and better life for the future, for you and your children.

A sad comment: Divorce is no longer rare or a shock. A first grader recently said, “my parents haven’t gotten their divorce yet”.  I wonder what the effect of not having a foundation of love and certainty in his life will do for this child? Or maybe he does and he will grow up loved and accepting of all that is today.

Divorce seems to have translated from a social taboo to a rite of passage.  And yet do any of us really want divorce in our lives? Do we want to be single parents? What will be the ‘ripple effect’?

I’m excited to collect together all the helpful advice I’ve learned and share it with you. In my practice I’ve been successfully using Imago therapy by Dr Harville Hendrix; blended with NVC by Dr Marshall Rosenberg; and glued together with Trust Oriented Therapy (which I was blessed to experience personally with creator Mahmud Nestman  in Vancouver BC).

ConnectionCue™ and RelationshipCue™ Cards: Over the years I have blended the therapies mentioned above, which I would like to share. I would also like to share the tools we’ve used in my office with you here.  These colourful little cards make it possible to use these successful therapies if you live in a rural area, if affording a private counsellor is an issue for you or if you would prefer to try to work on your marriage at home. These cards also streamline, speed and simplify therapy with a counsellor.