Nutritional / Vitamin Therapy

This is actually my favourite subject – and the one that I find to be the most important in my own rebuilding.  As someone who has experienced serious physical trauma – in particular a brain injury – it’s very tricky and incredibly important to maintain your level of wellness.  Good quality vitamins – Usana and Quest among others – are now easily available.

I found that every other therapy helped in getting me a step or two further along the path but I had to take great care never to forget my nutrition and vitamin therapy.  Vitamin supplements are key for me and if I forget – or now and again, even after twenty-odd years, I experiment to see if I still need all the supplements I take – I quickly get sick, break out in acne and feel overwhelmingly fatigued.

Exercise is also very important for me and together with nutritional and vitamin therapy they keep mebalanced on a knife-edge of wellness – which I now understand is usual for those who have suffered a brain injury.

I probably err on the side of caution and take more than I really need of every vitamin.  However, the side effect of this has meant that I have aged quite well…  And according to my dog’s vet, it is the careful adherence to generous vitamin supplements that has kept me looking good?!  So will I stop or slow down?  No way!!  I don’t mind wasting a little money along the way – especially as I find out that some of the supplements that I’ve been taking for years are now ‘recommended’…

At the onset of trauma – whether emotional, physical, planned (surgery) or secondhand (caregivers and family) I recommend an excellent multi-vitamin plus one or two other vitamins plus exercise plus a healthy diet.

I think a generally healthy body can withstand an onslaught of hamburgers and brightly coloured non-foods – like candies and relishes – but once your body is already stressed it is very important to take care of nutrition, vitamins and supplements.

I believe that if we give our bodies every single building block they may need then they are better than any medical intervention when it comes to rebuilding health. With most vitamins and supplements, an overdose will simply result in expensive pee!  There are vitamins that fat-based and are stored in the liver which should not be taken in too great excess…  But in truth it is very difficult to take toxic levels of any vitamin.

Luckily, before my injury I had started to train in medicine and vitamin supplementation.  Unfortunately when I was very ill there was no-one to carry on – or start – a regime for me.  I had formulated supplement plans for family, friends and clients but I didn’t have a nutritionist friend who could do this for me!  Once I was home and thinking somewhat clearly, I made a plan for myself and asked someone to take me out to find the vitamins.  This took hours and hours of time and I had to buy about 20 bottles of tablets to get the vitamins that I thought necessary.  As I said before, good quality vitamins – Usana and Quest among others – are now easily available.

I’m eternally grateful that I somehow flew in the face of what was considered ‘normal’ at the time and that I was strong enough in my belief to ignore teasing from friends and family – and really I have no idea where I found that sense of certainty. I now look good; I can walk – and run and dance; I can speak and sing; I can drive; I can think clearly…  I was told I would be partially paralyzed for the rest of my life and that I would never be able to do most of those things.  I credit my rebuilding to a little of everything but not least of all to simple supplements and exercise

Further articles detailing exactly which vitamins I chose and why will follow soon.  Meanwhile if you want apersonalized rebuilding plan I can do this individually – use the form for counselling and coachingand tell me your story.  I will reply and ask the questions I need to customize a plan for you.