Kayaking on Shuswap Lake

This is the week – or two – that everyone goes crazy here in Calgary! I’ve never seen so many cowboy boots and hats as I did the other night – mostly on the hundreds of leggy young girls in micro-shorts (at Ranchmans – which was completely over-the-top crazy)! And I had no idea that 18 year-old girls would still know the words to Grease songs! Free pancake breakfasts abound, the weather is sunny and hot (after freak hail storms and tornado warnings) and the spotlight is on all-things country-western and cowboy.

Sharing a BBQ

The mood is so infectious that my died-in-the-wool not-cowboy sons (despite one looking gorgeous in his new cowboy hat after visiting the stampede today?!) are in high spirits too. Or maybe that has something to do with the fight between Brazilian Anderson Silva and American Chael Sonnen that they were about to sit down together and watch? All I know is that as a Mom it’s pretty wonderful to have your whole family together, sharing burgers and visiting in the garden – especially for two nights running! Fantastic.

Catching Up…

I joined one of my sons and his in-laws for a camping trip by Shuswap Lake for Canada Day weekend and although it rained quite a bit in an already flooded area, there were some great moments watching my oldest grandson mountain biking and my going out on the lake in a kayak (to name just two moments out of dozens!).

This morning I was delighted to sit with two of my sons and talk politics and realize how super-aware they are of exactly what’s going on in the world – including evil corporations, banks, the truth about World Wars I and II, today’s political situations in Libya, Egypt, Cuba, South America and so on.  No pulling the wool over their eyes!  I’ve missed that feeling of connection: to my family and to events in the rest of the world. What a proud feeling, knowing that these young men were once my babies? In my young twenties I was just becoming quite political – until the craziness of life and family swept me off my feet. I wish there were several of me so I could fit in everything I want to do?! My love of politics seems to be carried on in their hearts?

The icing on the cake is my littlest grand-daughter, who quietly visits from person to person and who reminds me so much of me when I was a young child. Her favourite activity-of-the-moment is to take Oreo for a walk with me. She loves Oreo and is just as fascinated today as yesterday and the day before with simple acts like feeding and walking her. Beautiful. With her little hand in mine all’s good with the world.

Precious dogwalk

I want to add to my list of places to dance… On the internet, after much searching,  I found Thu Luu, who has just come back from BC where he was guest teaching with excellent Victoria teacher Wanda Kivitt!  Small world – I was delighted and felt so proud to represent Victoria!  His studio – Ballroom and Country Dance Studio – has no less than three fantastic large wooden floors, which he rents out to various dance teachers and is available for country western and ballroom classes.  On Sundays (and sometimes Fridays and Saturdays) he holds a social dance and/or a potluck. Great evening and friendly people – come on Calgary: come out and dance? There’s no better fun! Occasionally Thu holds other dances (with a free lesson beforehand too) – a good evening out with great teaching, dancing and music.

Interesting… I have avoided – pretty much altogether – talking here about my love affair in Texas?  Like many girls, I equate love with sex and I know – again instinctively – that in order to find ‘the right place’ and ‘the right man’ to grow old with, I need to allow the dust (my ghosts) to settle. I need to be on my own – among wonderful friends… And writing.

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