A profound walk in the park

DucksA profound walk in the park: life isn’t usually a walk in the park but, as I walked by the lake in Abbotsford with my Mom and watched the ducks, I learned a very profound lesson…

Ducks are so busy and full of joy!   No wonder we humans are drawn to them!  They are so full of themselves: when you’re a duck, life is a hundred percent duck!

Today they were basking in the sunshine; quacking loudly (making a terrible noise!); finding bugs to eat; waddling around, following each other purposefully; coming in to land on the water; flirting with each other and upending themselves to eat some delicious treat in the water below them.

They were each the centre of their own world and in their easy acceptance of that fact, found their place effortlessly in their duck-community.  They knew exactly who they were.

They were also an example of perfect joy.  They were completely in their own skins and completely in their own moments. “I’m a duck. That’s what I am!  And these are my wings and my feet and that’s the duck-sun and this is the duck-lake. Who are the odd-shaped humans and dogs? Duck observers, of course!”  Life is all duck!

Walking with my Mom, I felt like a young duck with her mother-duck!  I realized that, just like the other ducks – and far different to anything I had thought was important to my mother in the past – my Mom just wants me to be her duck: ‘Julie’.

No expectations.  No complications. No disappointments.  All along those were just figments of my imagination.

A profound walk in the park, after all.

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