Selective Hearing – Explained by GNM German New Medicine

Selective Hearing – Explained by GNM

Selective HearingHave you heard the phrase Selective Hearing? Perhaps this phrase has been thrown at you? (These words are usually ‘thrown’ at us in a ‘not a compliment’ way by someone who wants to ‘force’ their view on us.)

Selective hearing is the idea that you purposefully ‘don’t hear’ something that you really don’t want to hear.

Could there be some truth in the accusation of selective hearing sometimes?

Could selective hearing even be valuable?

This is a wonderful case study by chiropractic doctor Dr Alvin de Leon in Ontario, Canada about an elderly gentleman’s temporary loss of hearing. (Read it by clicking on the name just above.)

Is the hearing loss – the selective hearing – simply the last straw?

The earlier sinus infection mentioned in the video could be connected to this whole scenario.  A sinus infection would be the result of ‘a stink conflict’: something that you found unpleasant (something that stank).

This could be an earlier reaction to the same situation: references to getting older and efforts from loved-ones to try and stop him from doing the work he loved in his yard. (And work that he felt quite well enough to do.)  This would have landed as a traumatic conflict shock.

Possible Explanation

The way that a person interprets what is happening dictates whether there will be physical symptoms and if so, what and where those symptoms will be. It will dictate what biological program is put into play.

If this person ‘finds these words ‘stink’ and are traumatic’ he may experience a sinus infection.

If he then simply “doesn’t want to hear” these words next time, a hearing loss can occur.

Selective Hearing and Permanent Hearing Loss

To take it one step further, it is possible that this gentleman, with this particular ‘lens’, interprets and deals with life this way. He may have a habit of finding a conflict traumatic – and perhaps ‘stinking’ – the first time.  And then blocking it out in future situations: simply not hearing it.

This is likely to apply to any situation in which he feels threatened. That’s what he does. People follow patterns. Perhaps he feels helpless and compelled to comply in order to enjoy the quiet life he craves. Maybe he believes he must do this to keep his family together?

This leads me to wonder about permanent loss of hearing? If this way of dealing with things is a habit – a habit of blocking out and simply not hearing upsetting words –  then perhaps the hearing loss could eventually become permanent? Scar tissue could build up following repeated ‘healing’.

The Survivor

Selective HearingIt would certainly be one way of dealing with the problem?!  The BodyMindPsyche – or Mother Nature – is nothing if not brilliant in the ability to survive.

This man would literally not hear his loved ones trying to make him do something he really doesn’t want to do (i.e. work in his beloved garden).

It may not be the solution we would logically have chosen. But it is nevertheless brilliant. It shows the sheer strength of will of the survivor.

The body mind and psyche have worked together here – colluded – to ensure this man’s survival. They have created a situation where he no longer hears these hurtful words. He can survive happily and he can still be a part of his family.

Without a pack, a tribe, a family, a community, an individual is unlikely to survive.

And, ultimately, it’s all about survival.


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