Story of a young man who collided with 6 wild boar…

Written by Julie Taylor

good_luck_balloonsJust the other day I received this letter from Adam, which he has given me permission to share with you.  Since then I havecontacted the Brain Injury Society where he lives and found him the names of 3 rehabilitation hospitals that can help him.  I’ve also blended and reprinted the information that I gathered, while doing this search, to help guide him in his choiceCLICK HERE.

I hope that his story will help spur you on to find some rehab:

  1. contact your local Association or Society – you can find them on Google
  2. email them and ask for a list of facilities in your area that could help you
  3. follow my RBY guide.

I know that when I took these steps, nearly 25 years ago now, I was in pretty bad shape too.  When you’re in that place you feel so desperate.  But with hard work – which I was willing to do and I can see Adam is willing to do too – miracles happen.  I pray that when Adam gets out of rehab we can meet up and dance together.  Good luck Adam… If you want to wish him luck too, please check the RBY BLOG where I will print this letter too and where you can add your wishes with the ‘comment’ button.  Or EMAIL ME and I will pass on your wishes to him.  Thank you!

“Hello, My name is Adam Rogers.  And I am going to tell you a strange, but very true story.  And ask you for some help.

Five years back, Sept. 23, 2003 to be exact, I was in a near fatal motorcycle accident.  And I was not speeding or wasted.  I do not  remember it, or any of the two years prior.  So here it sis, in a nutshell.

I was traveling home on my motorcycle to my wife and two children, on highway 1, just outside of Carmel, CA, when I ran into 6, I am told, dead Wild Boar, lying on the highway.  Anyway, I was thrown from the motorcycle and sailed through the air.   Luckily for me my 30+ years of martial arts training paid off.  As I tucked and rolled.  The move definitely saved my life.  But, as I was thrown ahead of the motorcycle, it caught up to me and hit my head.   So I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury.

I was in a coma for 30 days.  And in, what I am told is a semi-coma for five months after.  I am  at home now, but am disabled.  I cannot walk.  And not because of loss of limbs.  As I am very strong and can stand easily.  It is a balance issue.   As I have none.  My doctor says that the nerves in my ‘core’ are damaged.

hats-offIt is just very difficult.  As I am very strong.  As at the time of the accident I was a US amatuer middleweight kickboxing champion.
So now I am now begging you for some help.  I want to walk.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am thankful to be alive.  Just, not like this.  I can’t even roll myself in my wheel chair.  As when I hit, like I said I tucked and rolled.  And I landed on my left shoulder.  Breaking my left clavicle.   I am at the end of my rope.  So I am looking for some live in rehab.

I will tell you my thoughts.  As I sit here in my wheel chair I cannot sit forward.  I try, but cannot.  I am sure this is the problem.  I canot even use  cane.  As I am so physically strong that I throw it.  Ans as I said, I broke my left clavicle, so canot use my left hand or arm.  Can you, will you help me?”