Surprising Port Aransas

“Do you realize that, in about 40 years, rap music will be the Golden Oldies?! “

Jaws trying to eat us - Julie, Carla-Jo and Shannah

Today is sunny and there’s a bright blue sky.  Again!  Just as I was wondering what to do – and planning to do my accounts still!!  – Carla and Shannah arrived and pulled me out the door to go to the beach with them. Yay! I grabbed my bag and left Oreo behind in the cool of the trailer. I’ve hardly left the trailer park since I arrived – other than to go to Walmart and the optician – so this is exciting?!  After long hours driving I needed to hibernate and regroup  but I feel ‘done’ for now!   I was excited to go on a road trip and see a bit more of the surrounding countryside.

We drove past dozens of RV parks, with thousands of permanent mobile homes in various states of repair and a lot of travel trailers and fifth wheels. Hmmm… I guess it would be difficult to create an orderly and elegant city with so many trailers. In just 10 minutes we arrived at a little ferry that goes back and forth all day, taking passengers for free to Port Aransas. Last port of call before the Gulf of Mexico!

Port Aransas
Port Aransas

Sometimes there are dolphins in the channel, but not today.  Port Aransas was typical for a seaside town with bars, restaurants, tourist shops and a ‘Jaws’ theme! We drove through some sand dunes and then suddenly I saw the ocean. It took my breath away. Miles of wide sandy beach – as far as the eye could see. With rolling waves and ocean. ‘Bay’ to be exact. Stretching out to the horizon. Wow!

I had a magical day – and even got a sunburn! – walking on the beach, picking up shells and squishing the sand between my toes. On the way home we stopped at one of the restaurants and sampled Tex-Mex food – delicious!

At home in my trailer that night, as I listened to the rain hammering on the roof and crammed myself into the tiniest bath imaginable, I found myself thinking of leaving. Because that’s what I’d planned, after all? But. My human need to belong was strong and I found I was resisting the very thought of moving on… Alone… Interestingly, Shannah was leaving the next day and she talked about the separation anxiety she was feeling. Seems that for some people moving around can be quite hard?

I woke up late the next day and had to rush out the door in 5 minutes flat to get to line dancing. Carla had overslept too and we were late together. Today is rainy and grey skies but quite warm and humid – not unpleasant!

Oreo and I
Oreo and I with our new haircuts

Oreo looks beautiful after her appointment at the dog groomers – she’s had a bath, haircut, nails done and is wearing a little Christmas scarf. Suddenly I saw my own reflection in the mirror and realized that I needed the hairdresser pretty urgently too! So that’s where I am right now, writing this blog!

I flopped down, too tired out to leave and was pleasantly surprised when my 2 new friends came to visit. What a nice way to spend Friday evening. We laughed and joked and shared photos – photos of our children, loved ones, weddings… and naked pinups?! – until late. Tomorrow one of my friends is off to South Padre Island – just outside of Brownsville which is where I first intended to go. I’ll miss her. And maybe I’ll go there after all for a while once my trailer’s fixed?

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  1. It was great fun! Took a while with the photos, sorry! Wish wordpress had an easy way of reducing the size to a good website size? xxxx

      • I’m right there with Brady-let’s go to the beach! Load up and go-Now!!!! This weather dielnitfey calls for it-I’m sure the water isn’t cold either! We keep up with your page because we’ve set it as our Homepage but would do it even if we didn’t have it set up that way!See ya soon!Love,Mom/Nana

  2. As usual Thomas – you are brilliant! And it’s lovely and clear. I think this will be a much easier way of putting my photos off my camera on to my website. Thanks! xx

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