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Purpose...Everything you need to bring purpose back into your life – and create a real website business at the same time!

Our Precious Needs, Addressed by Web Design Software

When trauma hits, keeping your sense of purpose is incredibly important. Of course. Address your NVC needs, says Dr Marshall Rosenberg, and you will be fine. Surely he doesn’t mean web design software?

Yes, take a day or two off.  But… That gets old quick. Then, if your trauma is physical, it may be quite a while before you can get back to work. If that’s the case, you may need to find a new occupation. Or you may be unemployed. Whatever the case, one thing’s for sure: everyone needs a purpose in life. Some of us more than others. Maybe that’s where web design software can help.

Purpose… Could Start with a Laptop or even an iPad/Tablet

Purpose AheadVery useful – in fact one of the the most useful things if you’re in hospital, out-of-work or ReBuildingYourself – are a computer, access to the internet. Think about creating a website or blog. Even if your purpose ends up to be joining groups and reading and discussing personal topics in them, that’s OK. The fact is that we all need a purpose – especially one that could end up providing our living.

Building a website can be an amazing tonic. Even if it’s just a log of what has happened to you and your reflections for your friends, that is great. And Facebook is probably the perfect tool here. But if you want to build an online business, that’s possible too. And a great goal. It may keep you fascinated and engrossed for years!

Building a successful online business is hard work. It’s wonderful work because you can do it from a hospital bed. But there is a tremendous amount to learn. Sitesell or SBI offers all of the ‘content’ how-to. And GeneratePress, using WP, will give you a beautiful website. The language it uses is one of the commonest languages for websites that there is – available in just about every language and country. GeneratePress is rather like a jigsaw puzzle: as your requirements grow, you will find countless ‘new pieces’ that fit perfectly with what you already have. There is no need to start over. Ever.

SBI (Solo Build It) Web Design Software – Sitesell – are the perfect recipe…

Working from home with web design softwareSBI Web Design Software (Site Build It, Sitesell or site builder) found the way to:

a) give every life purpose and shape and

b) teach us how to create a successful website business.

They are the only company offering this full service web design software – and they now do it with WordPress for beautiful (and total) functionality.

Give Your Life Purpose – Create a Website

SBI teaches you, step by step and with their web design software, how to find your passion and whittle your ideas down into a focused niche. Exploring your passion alone would be a worthwhile goal but SBI then teaches you how to take that subject and turn it into a profitable business, along with SEO, other marketing tips and the content writing itself.

Yes you have to work hard. Of course! But it’s beyond wonderful when you succeed and that’s what anyone who has met trauma head on needs a little of in their life: purpose.

SBI turtle web design softwareHave I succeeded yet? No, not yet. Not quite. The journey has probably saved my life and enabled me to raise four sons and rebuild myself. I am getting there, still, with the help of SBI Website Builder! Like my GPS, who patiently ‘recalculates’ and gets me where I want to go in the end, SBI patiently travels with me, with never an impatient word.

It was 2001 when I first owned SBI (SBI Website Builder) and tried to build my first website. It was a very difficult time for me, rebuilding not only from a devastating injury but also from divorce. Did I succeed at rebuilding my life? Yes!  With the help of SBI – and later, to make a really sharp website, GeneratePress from WordPress (SBI now make a version of their software specially for WP) – I addressed many of the needs in my life and created ReBuildingYou.  Success will follow!

My son Thomas and his partner Stacey have given me countless hours, patiently guiding me to build my website and I like to think that his successful website business grew, in part, from helping me. I learned a huge amount from him which, with SBI for WP now, will help me build my website business. (I also learned a lot from my ex, who actually worked with Ken Evoy himself, back in 1999! And my alimony came from a coffee website run on SBI!)

My dreams were big and sprawling. Unfocused. I didn’t – couldn’t – boil them down to a sharp point so that I could start to grow a business.  Building a website business is a little like building a fire: you have to start small with kindling and gently encourage a tiny flame to catch light and slowly build it up into a roaring fire. Not just plonk a great big log on a little spark!  Which is a little like what I did! Along the way though I have been able to help others with the knowledge SBI taught me and my turn is just around the corner!

The Power of a Team

WhatIMeanIs… team with web design softwareFor you, personally. And also for your business.

I learned the power of a team. Success can be difficult on your own – unless you have a ton of energy or your business is very niched and sharply focused. It really helps – it’s essential, even – to be part of a group.

In 2014 I helped to create a professional association based on what I had learned from SBI.  ACCT is also a cooperative and after we created it, it was run by a board. ACCT was my beautiful bouncing baby – now a growing child! – and I’m still proud to be a part of it. From those days I learned the importance – and joy (sometimes agony!) – of being part of a team and the incredible success that can come from a team effort.

SBI Website Builder is part of my team for my website business.


I love being a part of the SBI Website Builders team. My business is still sprawling, it’s still not focused enough to be profitable but I’m working on it! Slowly, slowly – and the SBI turtle is happy to wait!

It’s difficult to hone my focus – trim – my desire to help those who have been hurt by trauma – physical or emotional. It’s such a big field? Perhaps I will find partners – or other websites – and we can pool resources and ideas and each take one part?

When I started this project in 2001 not enough was known about the brain and trauma. Let alone brain injury. And the seriously traumatized – or brain injured – are often the poorest in terms of money to pay for private services and information. My goal is to make good service available and affordable to everyone. (I expect that there’s some of my own ‘issues’ and discomfort here too, charging money for something I have needed so badly myself and found it difficult to pay for.)

Keep SBI Strong

SBI web design softwareSeventeen years ago, I was so glad to be able to throw myself into learning about building a website and grateful to be able to do it at my own pace with SBI. Now, 16 years later, I find out that SBI Website Builder is being threatened by false advertising from an unscrupulous, wealthy and greedy scammer. Someone who calls themselves WA or Wealthy Affiliate, offering a fake review (note WA not WP).

SBI  always give first-class value for money. As well as making a profit. They are a real business in a little town outside of Montreal. Stand with other SBI’ers and promote the real SBI Web Design Software Website Builder. (Add the latest technology-made-easy with GeneratePress using WP. These guys are the perfect WP partners with their fast-loading, sharp and professional design and excellent customer service)  Join the SBI affiliates club and promote SBI.

We need SBI to continue and go from strength to strength in order to keep our businesses – that we’ve worked hard for – vibrant. Without SBI, we would eventually lose our livelihoods because there is no other website builder in the world – yet – that takes you by the hand and teaches you the whole of what you need to know in order to run an online business.

Join together and circle the wagons and protect and promote GeneratePress and SBI Website Builder.

This is how my story connected with theirs…