Zapper / Silver Pulser – Electronic Health Device

You’re sick, I’m not!  (Thanks to my zapper / silver pulser).

Seriously,why is it that some people have cold after cold and some stay healthy? And why is it that only some bounce back to health easily after they’ve been sick?

A healthy body functions well without much support but when you have suffered trauma, which stresses our system, the immune system becomes exhausted and sluggish. This trauma can be the result of an accident, chronic disease, chemotherapy, overwork, emotional stress or simply feeling ‘run down’ and unable to ‘get back up’ after a cold.

Within the blood circulating round everyones body are fragments of virus, bacteria, fungus and various other parasites. This is perfectly normal. Some of these bugs are necessary to our health and most bodies can easily keep these bugs from over-multiplying. But in a body that has been compromised in some way, these bugs multiply out of control and we become sick.

A major part of the job of the immune system is to seek out and attack foreign bodies in our systems and keep them under control. However when we’ve been laid low by trauma, we need help to do this and the ‘zapper’ provides exactly the right amount of support body to recover quickly and stay well.

What Is A ‘Zapper’ or ‘Silver Pulser’

A ‘zapper’ or ‘pulser’ is a small electrical device (usually worn on the wrist) for about an hour at a time to keep these invaders in check. The zapper supports the body, through our blood, to stay healthy.

You place two cotton-covered electrodes on the wrist, over the ulnar and radial pulses and a small electrical current zaps the blood as it flows underneath. The ‘zapper’ is painless and by purifying the blood, it supports the immune system and body to concentrate on healing and staying well.

The ‘zapper’ and its electrical current are completely harmless – except to the microscopic little organisms enjoying a free ride in your blood! It levels the playing field for your body by preventing the viruses, bacteria, fungi etc from multiplying so that a compromised immune system has a chance to ‘stand back up’.

Electrical stimulation has been shown to energize the body and increase health. If you look at a sample of blood under the microscope you can easily see the difference the zapper makes. Low grade infections such as candida (aka yeast or thrush), colds and sore throats and minor cuts that won’t heal are kept in check. There has also been incredible success with AIDS patients who have been able to build and maintain health without drugs.

If you are interested in finding out more about the ‘zapper’, please send me an email and I will reply within 24 hours. These units are only available through a therapist. Thank you!


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