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Re-establish connection with yourself… And others. Design and Build a Fabulous Life! 

Counselling services that welcome the whole of you…

… the shy, the brash, the angry, the anxious, the confused, the narcissistic, the compassionate, the spouse, the hurt, the teenager, the misunderstood, the parent, the elder, the broken and the perfectly normal parts. Address every part of you and enjoy a truly satisfying life!

TOOLS: ConnectionCue Cards,  RelationshipCue Cards and “What I Mean Is…” Stroke Recovery book.

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Counselling ServicesHere you will find great counselling services – we all need a bit of help sometimes.

If you are experiencing anxiety and a sense of un-safety right now, scroll down to the bottom of this page and watch the free 6 minute video there…

Office counselling services in Oak Bay Victoria or Sidney. Or online (video, like Skype) and email counselling services (which are great too and more affordable). Real tools – Cue Cards – that you can use between sessions to guide you to become more mindful in daily life and supercharge your relationships. Transform trauma and get on with your life – with or without a traditional counsellor.

Great Relationships are essential  Whether you’ve come to a fork in the road personally. Or a bump in the road in terms of your relationship. ConnectionCue cards and RelationshipCue cards: these tools work! Imago and NVC blended together with TOT is the most powerful therapy you will find for both relationship counselling and for individual counselling.  I also use neuroscience to explain your experiences. I am familiar with Polyvagal Theory, ACE, the Triune brain  and other cutting edge research.

Is There a Connection Between our Trauma and the Relationships we Choose? Probably yes… Good communication not only makes for the strongest relationships but the practice of this deep communication can also help to heal the past.

Emotions Affect Physical Health: If a crater has suddenly opened up in the road in front of you, these tools will help you cross it. Or fill it.  In cases of purely physical trauma, many people don’t realize the impact of the emotional component of their trauma. And with chronic disease, emotional work is essential if you want to recover to the very fullest extent possible.  Click here for specific attention to physical trauma: stroke, chronic disease, brain injury, chemobrain and more…

Be A Healthy Hub For Your Family: The desire to explore personal growth and create a strong family is more important today than ever before. Today’s fast pace does not suffer inefficiency. Of any kind. Whether your trauma is emotional or physical, from a relationship (perhaps a divorce) to an accident, a head injury to chemobrain or a stroke, this is a great place to start your journey.

About Me

My name is Julie and I am a registered psychotherapist with 19+ years experience. I hold an MTC (Master Therapeutic Counsellor) and RCS (Registered Counselling Supervisor) with ACCT (Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists). (I’ve also worked in hospital administration, construction, farming and business/marketing?!)

I’m the mother of 4 adult sons, grandmother of 7 + 2 grandchildren, a partner, girlfriend, sister, daughter and  a passionate student. (Neuroscience explains so much and helps to explore the connection between the brain, the mind and the psyche.)

I started this website many years ago to help make sense of the challenges I see with my clients and experience myself and so share that learning. It seemed such a waste not to maximize that experience and use it to the full.

To my delight some of the new research in neuroscience confirms these experiences. My hope is that we can pool our knowledge and help each other along, with or without a counsellor (wealthy or not). Sharing in itself is a need and has been shown to aid recovery and increase resilience! We humans are social creatures! Another need is to connect and belong. The more needs you meet, the happier you feel. And that’s now proven!

Relationship and Trauma Counselling Services

Imago Style Therapy is the most successful relationship and marriage counselling therapy, bar none. Blended with NVC it’s pure dynamite!  TOT, or Trust Oriented Therapy is powerful (and so very gentle) and is perfect glue for the blend. TOT custom-fits your experience and includes a Mindfulness approach, EFT, Person Centred theories, EMDR, Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioural approaches.  CueCards™ guide you step-by-step to use these therapies, at home and often without the expense of professional counselling.

ConnectionCue™ and RelationshipCue™ Cards

NVC is a simple and incredibly powerful concept which has always proven extremely hard to put into practice.  ConnectionCue cards bring ease and usability to NVC, Imago-style work and to personal development. These brightly coloured, glossy little cards cue you the dozens of needs that we all have constantly – and often miss, at a great cost to ourselves. RelationshipCue cards cue and guide successful communication for every couple and offer a strong framework – and a reminder of the rules! – for couple communication.

Use this website as a blueprint to guide you as you design your life. Here you will find ideas to start you on the path to building a stronger ‘you’. Wherever you start from, create a vibrant family life or finally heal from trauma.

This website (and the CueCards) are designed to be used with or without a therapist.  That’s right: you can get started without expensive help. You can also use these ideas and tools with your own therapist. Or a close friend. To help you get started I will also send you a step-by-step instruction booklet. Hundreds of clients, individuals and couples, have found these cards invaluable. Seeking out support, together with the information itself on this website,  will help you heal your trauma, grow like a weed or build a healthy marriage,

Many types of therapy, traditional and alternative, are described here. It’s good to know what therapies are available and this information will help you find the right therapy for you.

My 4 sons have all been key in rebuilding my life after a physical – and then emotional – trauma with their support, love, loyalty and strength. Thank you Matt, Dan, Ben and Tom  They are my  inspiration and offer me their unconditional love (and skills – to help me build my house and website!). Thank you also to my daughters-in-law for loving my sons, spicing life and creating my grandchildren, Brittany, Nate, Cobe, Amelia, Julia, Noah, Tinishia, Leah and Norah – I can’t begin to express the great thrill, watching what are to me old experiences through excited new eyes!  Thank you!


FACT: Anxiety, abuse and other ‘purely emotional issues’ cause just as much trauma as a broken body.

If you have questions, please send me an email.