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Counselling services that welcome the whole of you…

… the shy, the brash, the angry, the anxious, the confused, the narcissistic, the compassionate, the spouse, the hurt, the teenager, the misunderstood, the parent, the elder, the broken and the perfectly normal parts. Counselling services that address every part of you, to enjoy a truly satisfying life!

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Counselling ServicesGreat Relationships are essential  – especially the relationship with yourself.  NVC (Non-Violent Communication from the late Dr Marshall Rosenberg) blended together with TOT (Trust Oriented Therapy from Mahmud Nestman in Vancouver, Canada) is the most powerful therapy you can find for both relationship counselling and for individual counselling.  (I also use neuroscience to explain your experiences and am familiar with Polyvagal Theory, ACE, the Triune brain  and other cutting-edge research.)

Is There a Connection Between Childhood and the Relationships we Choose? Almost certainly, yes. Why? Because during those formative years the way we connect with ourselves and with others is established and affects all of our life. The wonderful thing is that we can re-design our life as we choose: this is the very heart of personal development.

Emotions Affect Physical Health – and vice versa. Cases of purely physical trauma affect emotional health. The psyche plays an important part in our life. Many people miss the fact that there is an emotional component to their physical trauma too.  Like an iceberg, the obvious physical mountain of ice is visible but up to 2/3 of the iceberg – the emotional part of the trauma – lurks beneath the sea and can sink your ship. With chronic disease, emotional work is essential if you want to recover to the very fullest extent possible.

Be A Healthy Hub For Your Family: The desire to explore personal growth and create a strong family is more important today than ever before. Today’s fast pace does not suffer inefficiency. Of any kind. Whether your trauma is emotional or physical, from a relationship (perhaps a divorce) to an accident, a head injury to chemobrain or a stroke, today is a great time to start your journey!

About Me

My name is Julie and I am a registered psychotherapist with 20+ years experience. I hold an MTC (Master Therapeutic Counsellor) and RCS (Registered Counselling Supervisor) with ACCT (Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists). (I’ve also worked in hospital administration – where there are lots of acronyms too!  As well as in construction,  business /marketing and farming – I’m proud to have milked goats and cows!)

I’m the mother of 4 adult sons, grandmother of 7 grandchildren – and one on the way! I’m also a partner, girlfriend, sister, daughter and  a passionate student. (Neuroscience is a favourite subject – it explores (and proves) the strong connection between  the body and the psyche.)

Relationship Counselling Services

Imago Style Therapy is one of the most successful relationship and marriage counselling therapies and blended with NVC it’s pure dynamite!  TOT is powerful (and so gentle) and is the perfect ‘glue’ for this blend. TOT custom-fits your experience and includes a Mindfulness approach – now very popular, Emotionally Focused Theray, Person Centred theories, Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioural approaches.  CueCards™ guide you step-by-step to carry on this work at home and often without the expense of professional counselling.

ConnectionCue™ and RelationshipCue™ Cards – NVC-Based

NVC  is a simple and incredibly powerful concept which has always proven extremely hard to put into practice.  ConnectionCue cards bring ease and usability to NVC, Imago-style work and to personal development. These brightly coloured, glossy  cards cue you to notice the dozens of needs that we all have constantly… And often miss, at a great cost to ourselves. RelationshipCue cards cue and guide successful communication in every relationship and offer a strong framework – and a reminder of the rules! – for couple communication.

This website (and the CueCards) are designed to be used with or without a therapist.  That’s right: you can get started without expensive help. You can also use these ideas and tools with your own therapist, physical or emotional. Or a close friend. To help you get started I will send you a step-by-step instruction booklet as soon as it’s completed, free when you buy the cards.

I hope to meet you soon!


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