Angels in Tatty Overalls

Today we drove across Calgary in my new truck to an industrial yard, somewhere south of the city, to get a load of siding which was being given to us for free. So with the baby sleeping, my youngest son (who’s a kick-ass web designer), my daughter-in-law and I loaded up a ton of sheets … Read more

Almost Halloween

Almost Halloween and I’m still in Calgary. Turned out that no way could I do all that I had to do in so short a time. But, as one of my sons pointed out ‘why the rush? I don’t understand?” He’s right, of course. Yet still I feel antsy? Where do these anxious (ghost) feelings come … Read more

Powerful Ghost Feelings

Growing – aka stretching – requires vulnerability and dealing with ghost feelings which are nauseating feelings which can pop up, unwelcome, just about any time and which seem very real and very ‘present situation’. Wherever you find yourself naturally avoiding is one of the places you’ll find them. They distort your perception and prevent you … Read more

Boy humour!

“Say ‘happiness’  v   e   r   y  slowly… ” followed by huge giggles when I look surprised “What have I said?”!  I went to basketball practice with my grandson the other night and on the drive there he was sharing his boy humour with me! I’d forgotten how wonderfully silly and precious these years … Read more


  University of Calgary Ballroom Dance Club These guys hold lessons at various locations (church halls etc) – see their website. Waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, samba, tango, jive and more… Fairly diverse age group. There were several dances coming up – in Cochrane as well as here in Calgary –  and special events that sounded like great … Read more


ASA – Abbotsford Seniors Association – hold a dance every Friday evening at their centre on Essendene Avenue. This seemed to be mostly for couples although there were one or two single members. There’s a live band most evenings – which is great! The music/dances are waltz, Viennese waltz, foxtrot, one or two jives, polka, … Read more

Living in the Moment!

OK… Feast or famine! Suddenly I see posts everywhere?! (although writing while driving is a trick I haven’t mastered yet?!) Driving along this morning (yesterday morning), I realized clearly what some of this is all about for me: living in the moment. Learning to undo the careful planning and and living in my thinking brain … Read more