A new Beginning Just Around the Corner

Last night I was bushed and full of doubt. I admitted my fears to a dear friend back in Victoria and worried that maybe I shouldn’t be here, planning this move? Not only am I thinking of travelling across North America (and perhaps Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica) – which seemed like such a huge … Read more

Murky Waters

I guess this is just a period of time – a short period of time, please… Where things are just not meant to be too easy.  Luckily there are breaks – respites – between the difficult times. The weekend was such a respite. Saturday was a family time, getting our vehicles ‘out-of-provinced’ with the mechanic … Read more

What Did I Expect?

Despite the logic of the situation – of course it might snow and freeze in Calgary in November – this morning was a surprise? A bit of a shock… It was still dark, even at 8am, and it was bitterly cold and everything was covered in 4″ of icy white stuff. On top of everything, I … Read more