Cruising Full Steam Ahead

I felt like Alice in Wonderland (with camera), dazzled by gleaming glass staircases embedded with brass clock gears, crystal chandeliers sparkling overhead and spiral staircases with thick gleaming wood handrails, unable to decide which of the 14 floors I was supposed to be on!  The staff worked hard to make our experience comfortable and shiny … Read more

All Aboard!

As the taxi pulled alongside the massive high-rise – which was actually the cruise ship – I became aware of a feeling not unlike indigestion behind my ribs. A wave of disappointment washed over me. Surely I should be feeling pure excitement? Hmmm… This was a ghost feeling, albeit one whose roots I couldn’t really … Read more

San Juan Condado Beach

I’m still alive and well, if a bit bleary eyed?! I have a few blog posts to catch up on – hectic schedule and I had to choose: dancing or blogging. Well, technically it was a choice! I’ve forgotten my photo uploader too, so sending love to everyone and photos to follow… Perfection! A high … Read more

Whistle Stop San Antonio

Just another huge, North American, urban sprawl, I thought… Until I checked out Riverwalk at night and found it not only hopping but with music other than country-western and with a wonderfully refreshing and eclectic mix of people, many of them young. The old blends comfortably with the new – and there’s a lot of … Read more

Sunny Sunday

Woke up this morning to bright sunshine – and animals all around my trailer! A naughty horse called Franklin got out of his paddock and came to investigate my trailer! Yesterday Cosmo, a very confident, working, paint horse, led all the goats with their new Spring babies, sheep and other horses out here. I’m still … Read more