Phishing for Marriage

Phishing for Marriage: Recently a counsellor from a government Children and Families Agency told me about a different kind of divorce trauma which seems to hurt both western men and women – and their children. It’s a fairly new phenomenon called ‘phishing’ where westerners are sought out and duped into marriage by a partner who desperately wants … Read more

Minimize the hurt to your children

Minimize the hurt to your children: I will also share what I have learned to help minimize the effect of your divorce on your children. Again, these are tips that I have learned from my own children and from my clients.  How can we divorce-proof the young men and women of the future? Learn unique ways to … Read more

Getting Life Right

Getting life right…  Perhaps by the time I’m in my sixties or seventies? Kids long for the days to pass.  I struggled to add an extra few weeks to my age. I remember being 7 3/4 and the agony of going so slow and counting the days to my 8th birthday. It was easy to be ‘in the … Read more