Cards That Stand Out From The Crowd

Written by Julie Taylor A different and memorable business card?! Cards that stand out from the crowd and that are beautifully and classily designed are available here – at a very reasonable cost! In fact the cost is less than many ordinary cards – and these are printed on both sides and include an image … Read more

Benefits of Meditation

Written by Julie Taylor Increase the Effectiveness of All Treatments… The benefits of meditation are indisputable! There is a brilliant neurosurgeon in North Vancouver, Dr Brian Hunt, who found with his own patients – often young athletes with brain injuries – that just a few minutes a day (actual meditation techniques didn’t matter) made a … Read more

Total Biology Part 1

Written by Julie Taylor Total Biology is the result of over 35 years of scientific research, clinical experience, personal research, and study of renowned international authors by Dr. Claude Sabbah. Total Biology is a set of findings and principles that solidly places the nature of disease on universal biological principles and on the interaction between … Read more

Total Biology Part 2

Written by Martin Guay Total Biology is based on about 15% to 20% of German New Medicine and also encompasses General Biology (animal, plant, and human), Art (medical and veterinarian), Science (experimental and applied), Astrophysics, Pure Theoretical Research, Ethnology, Sociology, Neurosciences, Neurolinguistics, Ethology, Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry, and Ethno-Psychiatry. It’s not possible to talk about Total Biology … Read more

What Is Existentialism?

What Is Existentialism? Existentialism, in part, is a philosophy of contrasts.  Many of its statements and beliefs seem to be based on contrasts. On opposites. On ‘different from the crowd’. For me, as a strong proponent of NVC, it would seem that existentialism would pose a very difficult position.  Or does it? Personally I am … Read more