Adult Abuse

When we think of abuse, we think primarily of child abuse. Child abuse makes the headlines in the newspapers and that children have rights and cannot be mistreated. However, adults are also abused. Often. Traditionally some women are physically smaller than men and, somehow, often end up being abused. More commonly, both men and women become ‘bullies’ – abusers – and hurt the ones they love. Abuse is really about power and, often in order to survive, we sometimes learn to manipulate and control others. We may also do it because, deep down, we are afraid of our own insignificance. Both men and women can be abusers and victims. Younger (often physically stronger) people often abuse older people, especially those who are older and weaker. This is known as Seniors Abuse. All abuse is about power: a strong desire for – and fear of not having – more power over another.