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Alternative Health Therapies: Trust Your Body Mind Psyche 

Julie Taylor MTC RCS, BC Counsellor
Julie Taylor MTC RCS, BC Counsellor

Alternative Health Therapies:

This is the section of the website dedicated to looking at alternative health therapies – and different modalities within a type of therapy. I also enjoy gathering the latest scientific knowledge and research and support finding the best healthcare… Because it works and makes you feel better

Alternative health therapies sometimes offer answers to chronic health problems that traditional medicine can’t help and almost always adds to conventional treatment.

Watch this video clip of gifted Canadian chiropractor Dr Alvin de Leon as he explains the connection between the mind, body, psyche and GNM, German New Medicine. Beautiful! A series of videos here explain GNM in a very clear way: GNM videos

Sometimes the steps you take now, to help you feel ‘well enough’ today, will be alternative health therapies.  Maybe you’re not ready to make a final choice but these steps will stand you in good stead for whichever final healthcare choices you make. Perhaps I can help you make these choices, by email?

Most of this information has been collected first-hand, by me. Thirty years ago, after my own trauma, choices were pretty limited and it was difficult to find information but, somehow, I instinctively knew to trust my body, mind and psyche. I don’t really know why, but I am very grateful that I trusted myself. Even very sick, my body knew, instinctively, what it needed.

I want you to be able to find out, now,  exactly what’s available to you when life throws you a curve ball.

Have you found alternative health therapies that work? Let me know. I welcome your input to this community website!

Face-to-face, Email and Online Counselling

Today I am a registered counsellor, using NVC (Non Violent Communication), neurobiology, TOT (Trust Oriented Therapy), GNM (German New Medicine) and Imago-style as the foundation to my blend of therapy. I love working with couples – the beauty is that they can carry on supporting each other to grow, with RelationshipCue™ cards but without my help.

I work with people facing trauma, emotional or physical. Or those with physical challenges, in the office or in their home by email and web-video ( I am also  a counselling supervisor, working with other counsellors.

Fear and Anxiety

I imagine that you may be feeling anxious – even afraid – at the moment?  Nature has evolved in such a way that fear and anxiety are strong in most of us. Through survival of the fittest, those of us with fear lived to see another day and passed on those precious genes.  If you were too laid back you were eaten by the next tiger!

Stress can be very helpful, it primes the body to be alert, and I urge you to use that fear and let it grow and lead you to find a way to deal with this challenge. Trust your body, the ultimate healer, to do its best work ever. Support your body to rebuild health.

Give the body a good foundation:  quality supplements, good nutrition, detoxification, clean water, fresh air and gentle exercise. It will thank you by doing its best work.

By the time we experience symptoms, we have already had our sickness for a while.

Chiropractors often talk about our symptoms as being ‘the tip of an iceberg’, becoming visible only after building on a foundation of ill-health over time. The majority of ill-health seems to be symptomless, lurking beneath the surface. It appears with symptoms at the last moment, often when it’s already starting to heal.

Allopathic medicine tends to address the iceberg tip, leaving the foundation of ill-health to build again.  Alternative healthcare, including chiropractic, aims to address the whole iceberg – or the whole person.

There is new, very exciting research being done every day that makes sense out of ‘old wives’ tales’ and explains ‘rules’ like “do not swim straight after a meal”. Dr Steven Porges’ Polyvagal theory provides fascinating insight into why we experience gut symptoms when we are feeling anxious and why we can control anxiety and our heart rate with the breath. These discoveries give therapy direction – and tools – to help us overcome various traumas.

Alternative and conventional medicine both agree that the mind (aka the psyche) contributes to ‘switching on’ whatever it is that causes a symptom. According even to traditional medicine, t’s not just germs or the immune system or genetics. Epigenetics (the space around the gene) and the psyche contribute. We need to be able to switch these symptoms off,  once and for all, in order to be able to finally effect a real ‘cure’. In any healthcare language, a cure is permanent and requires support from the psyche.

There is solid evidence – more and more each day – that the mind and psyche help drive our physical bodies and keep us in good health. I love the idea that I – my mind – is in the driving seat and that the way my body reacts is not random or out of my control. There is a dynamic purpose to everything I feel and do.

Wishing you the very best health!

Thank you!


Julie E Taylor MTC RCS
Master Therapeutic Counsellor
Registered Counselling Supervisor

ACCT – Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada

I want to support my research, writing and counselling and introduce, explain and offer ‘another way’ to rebuild your health and/or heal your symptoms, physical and emotional. Therefore, on occasion, there are links to products I find helpful and the proceeds from this goes toward supporting this work.
My services as a GNM email counsellor, are also available, GNM stands for German New Medicine, which is based on the premise that every physical symptom is driven by the psyche.
There are also links to other therapists and sources of information on GNM, NVC (non violent or compassionate communication) on my website. 
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