Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing – and swing dancing and salsa dancing and country dancing and line dancing!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to look in one place and see partner dancing, line dancing and all ballroom dancing available for the next week or so in that town?

As I travel I find local places to ballroom dance and will link them to my website. I for one will have my own source to find dances!

Ballroom dancing – and all kinds of dancing – is not only great fun but it addresses many categories of need at the same time.

Ballroom (and all) dancing is an excellent way to rehabilitate from both physical and emotional trauma.

Joy / Social needs

What sad woman isn’t cheered up when she ‘has’ to rest her hand on several muscly biceps during the course of an evening?!  And a sad guy can’t help but smile when he dances with a beautiful woman!

Cognitive needs

Ballroom dancing is an excellent way to work-out the brain, remembering the steps, so cognitive needs are addressed.

Emotional needs

Emotional needs are addressed when you start to feel a part of a dance class… Or feel cheered up by the human touch of a partner.

Physical needs

Physical needs are addressed as you exercise.

Find a dance venue

I can’t believe so many people stay home or find other things to do!? Let’s get the whole world dancing!

Hold your cursor over the tab above and follow the trail – with your mouse – to the country, then province/state, then town that you’re interested in. If it’s not there, consider emailing me with your discoveries!

Eventually I would like a page of all the available dance spots for every town!

If you know of a link you would like added here, please let me know!