Cards That Stand Out From The Crowd

A different and memorable business card?!

Cards that stand out from the crowd and that are beautifully and classily designed are available here – at a very reasonable cost! In fact the cost is less than many ordinary cards – and these are printed on both sides and include an image and modern design. I invite people to choose which card they want – I have over a dozen different colours – and they often ask if they can take 2 or 3!

Everyone I meet notices and comments on these cards – and wants to know where I bought them. These business cards are bright, unique, custom designs – for the same cost as boring ‘ordinary’ cards. They will set you apart from everyone else. Guaranteed!

And this is one time when you want to be set apart and noticed! It’s hard to compete in today’s business world. And particularly hard for anyone who’s disabled – in a any way.

Business – starting your own small business that is – is probably more important to the disabled than to any other sector in society. Why? Many reasons… Among them those with a disability tend to be economically disadvantaged and only they themselves really know what they can and can’t do.

Often, if you don’t make your own job, there isn’t one to be found. Just as much as anyone else, your services are competitive and valuable and a job will ensure that you don’t have to live the rest of your life on the poverty line.

The first marketing tool is always the business card. And these cards are the best – and one of the most economical – ways I have come across to make sure you are remembered…