Stroke Rehabilitation – Who Says It Can’t Be Fun?

Written by Julie Taylor I loved reading this story by Dakshana Bascaramurty in the Globe and Mail on the 14th June 2010 – I thought you might enjoy it too? It’s yet more about the near-miraculous rebuilding that the brain can do – if given a chance… While Jean-Guy Thibault was in a Montreal rehabilitation hospital … Read more

Ibogaine – A True Story

Written by Anonymous Have you heard of Ibogaine? This is the story of an inspirational event that happened just days ago here in Canada to one of my own clients.  The story is written by that client and beautifully describes what happened, without any exageration or embellishment.  For privacy my client has chosen to remain anonymous – … Read more

Hope for Human Spinal-Cord Injuries

Written by Julie Taylor Hope for Human Spinal-Cord Injuries – Thanks to Paralyzed Rats… We can learn so much by observing nature.  Observing animals allows us a precious window into our ‘real’ behavior, uncluttered by our thinking brains.  By exploring this animal behavior – and by thinking of it in terms of how we humans … Read more

Haiti Earthquake – Baby Saved

Written by Julie Taylor The Haiti earthquake has inspired Campus View Elementary School kids in Victoria, BC, Canada to send a ‘Shelter Box’ which includes a tent, sleeping bags, tools etc for ten 10. Shelter Box International – perfect for disasters like the earthquake in Haiti – is tied to Rotary Clubs worldwide and has … Read more

New Hope in Spinal Cord Injuries – Stepping

Written by Julie Taylor New Hope for Human Spinal-Cord Injuries – Stepping This latest story shows how therapy for paralyzed rats is giving hope to humans with spinal-cord injuries at UCLA because researchers, using a combination of drugs, electrical stimulation of muscles and exercise, have enabled paralyzed rats to walk and run… Can you imagine the … Read more

Elephants and the Tsunami

Written by Julie Taylor Elephants and the Tsunami – Amid the unbelievable chaos of the Tsunami disaster on December 26th 2004 came an incredible tale from a resort in Phuket and confirms, yet again, the power of instinct and the animal kingdom. One of the most popular attractions is (was) elephant rides. As many as … Read more

Hold On To Your Dreams and Hoop

Written by Julie Taylor Inspirational video – I will walk again…  (Myelopathy is any condition (disease) of the spinal cord.  More commonly known is multiple sclerosis (MS) which is similar although not the same.  Here the myelin sheath around the nerve fibres – the coating insulating the wires – breaks down.  Myopathy means simply ‘a … Read more

Energy or Informational Healing: A Hug of Pure Life

Written by Julie Taylor A friend sent me this touching article – which also seemed like the purest and most definite proof of energy (informational) healing –  and I wanted to share it.  Arguments abound as to whether there is ‘sufficient’ scientific proof – and sufficient ‘scientific’ proof.  From where I stand, I wonder “who … Read more

Peace Warrior

Written by Julie Taylor This is a remarkable – and beautiful – story of recovery.  Having been told he would never walk again, Captain Trevor Greene and his fiancée Debbie Lepore delayed their wedding because the vet of the Afghanistan mission plans to walk down the aisle.  And I fully that he will… This story, … Read more

Strength and Courage

Written by Dominic Lysionak Here is a verse I want to share with you – it really gave me pause to think.  It takes both strength and courage to endure and to recover from trauma.  Some days it’s so easy to feel close to giving up.  Don’t…  Hang in there stubbornly.  Read on this site … Read more