Getting Life Right

Getting life right…  Perhaps by the time I’m in my sixties or seventies? Kids long for the days to pass.  I struggled to add an extra few weeks to my age. I remember being 7 3/4 and the agony of going so slow and counting the days to my 8th birthday. It was easy to be ‘in the … Read more


Is what I’m feeling a ghost-feeling or just a powerful, reaction-causing habit from the past? Are they the same thing? (Ghost-feelings cause all kinds of trouble…) Something about not being able to do a blog every week really bothers me?  I put constant pressure on myself to ‘do more’, ‘be efficient’ or be ‘on time’. This pressure … Read more


Reconnecting with yourself, sometimes years after trauma, is the ultimate freedom. That I can promise you! Several people have asked me what I do every day?  Who knows!  Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard. This is my time to reconnect with myself.  Today is my freedom, after running flat out for years just to … Read more

It’s Still Summer!!

What a fantastic few days… weeks… It’s been warm and sunny with bright blue skies and although it was freezing at night in Calgary, there’s been no sign of those cold temperatures here… yet!  The Okanagan was gorgeous, the Counselling conference I attended was was good (although little did I know the 3 years of … Read more

Good to the Last Drop

Canadians are tough!  After surviving a night of freezing temperatures we found a pretty lake, defrosted in the sun and enjoyed a BBQ – as you can see, my brilliant son brought his backyard grill from home! Midday was mostly warm but as the day went on the sun spent more time behind the clouds … Read more

Noah’s Ark Rules!

This week I travelled with one son from Calgary up to Grande Prairie and back – to look at a semi-truck?!   And with another son from Calgary to Abbotsford and back. (I had a cup of tea with my Mom, sitting in the sun on her deck.)  Both trips were long road trips,  just … Read more

No Fixed Address

Sometimes it all feels a bit heavy? Having no fixed address doesn’t fit with the society we’ve built. It seems no-one quite knows what to do with me?  Everywhere I go, it seems, there’s a form to fill in and someone is asking you where I live. It’s tempting to give up… Is this similar … Read more