Code of Ethics

Please read this Code of Ethics which explains and details what you can – and cannot – expect from me during counselling.

Thank you!

  • Julie Taylor is domiciled in Canada and her contract with you for the work you do falls under the laws and jurisdiction of Canada.
  • I will take some notes and may make an assessment at the beginning and throughout the counselling sessions but if you require a formal clinical assessment, please discuss this with me.
  • I will provide a means for evaluation of progress, if requested in advance.  Open discussion of goals and progress is encouraged but my note keeping is minimal.
  • If I do not have the skill level to provide the help needed, I will refer you to another qualified professional.
  • I will preserve my client’s right to confidentiality and will not release any identifying information verbally or in writing without their signed permission (except for the threat of suicide, homicide or suspected child abuse or when ordered to release information by a court of law).
  • I will not engage in a romantic or sexual relationship with the client.
  • I will avoid statements to the client which suggest blame for current difficulties but will allow insight and recovery of memories to come only from the client.
  • I will inform the client that mental images which emerge during hypnosis or guided imagery may not be memories of actual events.
  • I will provide a safe, private setting for counselling in my office or online, to the best of my ability.
  • I will not require payment of a fee for service before the service has been provided in my office. Online payment may be required before service and will be refunded if service is not provided (less a fee for ‘missed appointment’ where appropriate).
  • I will not introduce spiritual concepts unless I am previously known to the client as a provider of spiritual or pastoral counselling.
  • I will make every effort to relate to the client intentionally for a predictable therapeutic outcome.
  • I will take care to properly assess, prevent, and document the possibility and potential of suicidal or homicidal behaviour by a client.
  • I will immediately (within 24 hours of my discovery) report the sexual or physical abuse of a child to my local police or other authorized persons (or, where possible, support my client to report such incident).
  • I will not give a client the false hope that this counselling relationship can ever be anything other than a professional counselling relationship or that the counselling relationship can be permanent.
  • I will take direct steps to inform a potential victim of homicidal threats made by a client and I will report the potential incident to my local police. I will also report to my local police a homicidal threat to my client. Please note that online counselling relies on the voluntary disclosure of the location of a client which may or may not be accurate.
  • I will not use hypnosis or guided imagery as part of the treatment for a client who has been hospitalized for psychosis or major depression.
  • I will not devalue the competence of another practitioner in the presence of a client but will direct any complaints to the appropriate professional disciplinary body.
  • I will avoid expressing anger or reacting emotionally to the client (except intentionally and for therapeutic effect).
  • I will not pressure a client to remain in a counselling relationship against the client’s expressed desire to terminate.
  • I will not advise a couple to separate or to end their relationship.  Counselling may be refused where there is current physical or sexual abuse.
  • I am committed to my own personal growth and professional supervision and this is part of effective counselling.
  • I will not provide counselling while either client or counsellor are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Drug, alcohol and other addiction counselling in my practice however is not dependent on abstinence.
  • I am committed to continuing professional education, receiving supervision and to expanding my repertoire of skills and understanding of counselling practice.
  • I am willing to see partners in a marriage both together and singly, should this be acceptable to both partners. I will take care to separate confidentiality, acknowledging the possibility, always, of human error.  Many partners prefer separate counsellors and I am equally happy to work this way.
I have read, understand and agree with this Code of Ethics.

Please consider my typed name here as a legally binding signature.

Please do not forget to fill out the Intake Form and the Limits of Confidentiality too. Thank you!