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best counselling services

The best counselling services When you’re in emotional pain, counselling can help. Even when you think nothing can possibly help, somehow counselling does.

Change the way you look at things  –  and the things you look at change.”  (Wayne Dwyer)

The best counselling services connect you with a deeper part of yourself, leading you in the right direction and saving you countless hours on your personal journey.

Relationship Counselling

Your family deserve the best counselling services. You adore your partner but do you need to find a way to speak so that they can truly hear you? We have some very real tools that polish up your relationship and save years of heartache. They give your children their best chance. These are the tools I use: tools that will serve you for the rest of your life… And in every area of your life!

Trauma Counselling:

Physical trauma: The best counselling services are healing for all trauma. Have you experienced a physical trauma and need to rebuild from the ground up? I’ve been there. There’s no short-cut to doing the emotional work too. Even though you’ve already dealt with the physical nightmare. Let me help you rebuild the very best life possible.

Emotional trauma can be just as difficult as physical trauma. In fact it’s the emotional part of the trauma that causes the most trouble. Even when the trauma is so obviously physical.

Take a moment to watch this brilliant 6 minute video by Peter Levine:

Office Counselling (see below for Online Counselling, Email Counselling and Counselling Supervision)

best counselling servicesI am based in Victoria BC, on Vancouver Island.   I may also be able to arrange a home/ hospital visit if necessary.

Couples Counselling

If you were ‘in love’ once, chances are good that you can be in love again! Seriously…

When it comes to marriage or relationships, there isn’t a better place to help you stretch and find solutions to whatever problem it is you are facing than with me. I use Imago style therapy, blended with NVC, glued together with TOT.

I also offer premarital counselling (excellent idea!) and parenting help.

Personal Growth Counselling 

Focusing on – and ‘teasing apart’ – your feelings… Identifying your needs… And brainstorming strategies to finding a resolution to whatever’s bugging you.  That’s the magic! And as you focus on/talk about your deepest issues (and its history), those experiences become conscious and clear. We can go slowly and I will hear every part of your story.

The best counselling services transform the most difficult issue. The best counselling services take unconscious reaction and transforms it to conscious action.

Focusing on your issues – and your self – brings them into the conscious mind. This is the first step towards establishing a peaceful and fulfilled life.

Watching someone blossom is a beautiful thing and I’d be honoured to take this journey with you.

The methods I use are simple, relatively quick and they work.

Online Counselling

Online counselling sessions are great! Personally much of the time I find them as effective as coming to the office – except it’s about 25% less expensive. And I can usually make you an appointment within a few days.

Send me an email and suggest 3 times, on separate days, at least 2 days from now.  I will email you back and I bet one of them will work! Payment is possible online, through my website, or by e-transfer after our session.

Email Counselling

Email is often a very good first step. At least, it’s an economical and useful way of covering some of the relevant background material. At best, you may start to see your own answers from your emails and my replies and not need further help at this stage.

It’s useful to be able to go back over and and be able to reread your emails too. As I said earlier, the answers for the direction you need to take now are often in your subconscious and when you read and reread what you wrote, you may find the answers ‘between the lines’ .

Counsellor Supervision

In Oak Bay or by – I offer collaborative and reflective supervision to all levels of counsellor in the Process Oriented and  Developmentally-based models of supervision. I am a Registered Counselling Supervisor with specialist training through CURA in Vancouver and  PESI CE in Psychodynamic, Imago, NVC, TOT, Person-centred therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative and Solution focused supervision approaches. I also offer hypnotherapy and EFT. Please click here to learn more.

Your individual sessions with me are confidential and affordably priced for new counsellors (similar cost to group supervision). I also offer supervision to supervisors and will be starting a new Balint group for supervision soon.


Contact me now and let’s start!

Submit the 3 forms required (online and no need to download) – Intake, Ethics, Confidentiality –  and send me a ‘first email’ (found in the same place)  to request a meeting.


You can make payment through the website or by e-transfer.  Office visit payments can be made by cash, through the website or by e-transfer on receipt of your invoice.

Let’s get started…

Online: Please suggest 3 times that suit you, Monday – Friday between 10am and 5pm PST, with at least 3 days notice.  I’m hopeful that one of those times will work and I will use the days/times as a guide to offer alternatives if necessary!

Office sessions usually require 2 or 3 weeks notice.

One of my favourite quotes:

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again – and expecting different results.” (Albert Einstein)

Thanks and I look forward to meeting you!


Julie E Taylor MTC RCS
Master Therapeutic Counsellor
Registered Counselling Supervisor

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