Cue Cards

ConnectionCue and RelationshipCue Cards…

…Keep you on track and enable you to continue work between sessions and after counselling ends. Eventually to work ‘just the 2 of you’.


ConnectionCue Cards reveal your needs blueprint – with your input. Which is key both to knowing yourself well and to all good communication.

Every human on this earth has the same needs whatever their ethnicity, age, religion or sex. However, each of us also has a unique profile – or blueprint – of needs because we each require a different amount of each need. With this blueprint to guide you, you will know yourself better and more easily be able to ask for exactly what you seek.

ConnectionCue Cards are small and colourful with a different need – or feeling – printed on each. They will enable you to express yourself with crystal-clear communication and heart-felt authenticity.


Speak so your partner can feel you… (Rather than simply hear your words.)

Fighting fair – or even just speaking calmly with our loved ones when we are feeling stressed and under pressure – is extremely difficult. Actually it is physically impossible… (ask me why)?

Naturally, humans are programmed to try and ‘win’ (survive) – underpinned with how we learned – at a deep not-yet-with-words level – to stay safe and deal with stresses as a child.

ConnectionCue cards work with RelationshipCue cards – with individuals, couples or groups. RelationshipCue ards are postcard-sized cards and guide you, step by step, to explore and put into words what you may not even be aware that you are longing to share. These cards, with their firm but simple rules, keep you on track and guide you to build your conversation in such a way that your partner can not only hear your words, but will truly understand what you are saying. Feel you. Every time! These cards are easier to use, stay with you throughout and prove more effective than a self-help book alone.

When a loved one not only understands your words – when you have also given them the gift of sharing how you felt in that moment – they often want to help you meet those needs crying out to be seen. Because they love you.

Speaking clearly, choosing the ‘right’ words, so your partner can both hear you and share how you felt in that moment, is successful.

Before long, you will be building a richer life than you ever thought possible!

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