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Email Counsellor

Writing to your Email Counsellor is better than counting sheep! Tossing and turning at 3 o’clock in the morning? Journal your thoughts in an email and send it off to me, your own email counsellor! Then sleep like a log (you’ll be surprised but you probably will!) and when you wake up, check your email for my reply.

Between us, you and your own email counsellor, we will create ‘Focussed Journaling’. I answer my own emails. Personally.

Focussed Journalling

Focussed journalling – or email counselling – is a combination of email and journalling with focused replies. Email counselling (with online counselling) is very effective – rivalling counselling sessions in a traditional office. Thinking and reading/learning is a great way to move forward in personal growth.

Email Counsellor BC
Email Counsellor BC

Body Language

In email counselling, the benefit of  working with body language is, in my opinion, balanced by the ability to read between the lines and read and re-read emails. Of course, it helps that I love language and writing and being prepared to write is a must if you want to use email counselling/ focused journalling.

Seeing each other online means that we can use body language successfully. To make the mix even more successful, we can blend Email/ Focused Journalling and Online Counselling (I use which is like Skype but more secure).

Email Counsellor – Canada, US and Worldwide

EMAIL Counselling US, Worldwide (excl Canada)

EMAIL Counselling – (Canada Only)

Working with ‘Rebuilding’ and other self-help books

Have a self-help book you want to customize to your own situation? A one-month package of emails is a great way to use email counselling to customize self-help books. I have the Rebuilding book and have worked with several clients in this way. If you have another book you would like to work with, I would be interested to hear from you.

Scheduling emails

Scheduling emails is really easy. I receive a notification from Paypal as soon as you have bought a package and I reply to your emails personally.

Important Forms

Intake and Forms – filling out an Intake form, Confidentiality form or Code of Ethics is a good way to optimize Email Counselling and tends to make it more effective.

What will we achieve with Email Counselling?


1.  I will listen to you (or read your words and let them sink in) like you’ve never been listened to before. My goal is to truly ‘see’-  or read – you, as clearly as possible.  Every part of you is important and you may be amazed at the depth of the words inside of you.

2. I will check out ‘where you are now’ frequently, while you’re writing – always being aware of how things you talk or write of affect you. Together we can decide where to go next.

3.  I will give you some new tools so that you can start better connecting with yourself and deeply considering ‘you’ and know your deepest needs. I will also remind you (again!) to check in with yourself.

4.  If you’re in a relationship I will show you how you can use the tools that you already have and the ones we will learn together to better connect with your partner for a happier and more satisfying life.

5.  If you’re in a relationship (or if you are hoping to be soon) I will show you how NVC can work pure magic and bring out all of you to meet all of your partner.  I also use Imago Style Therapy, which is the most effective form of marriage development.

6.  I will listen ‘between your words’ and help you connect with – and see – what your soul and heart are trying to tell you. Trust that deep part of yourself: it’s very wise indeed.

7. I use CueCards™ – which you can buy inexpensively if you wish – to help you remember your sessions and enable you to carry on quality connection with yourself and your partner.

Security – I use regular email in a dedicated Gmail account (with secure socket layers) for my email counselling. To date the security with this account is very good and is the most popular with my clients. When I email with you, I am in a quiet room with the door shut. Your issues are private and confidential. It is very important that you are conscious of your own security: know who can see or log in to your account. You must take care to log out of your account, so that no-one will be able to back-space into your account. If you require a more secure venue, please let me know and we can find one. Thanks!

Why Email Counselling:

  • Trouble finding time to attend in-person or online counselling sessions due to work schedule, childcare or transportation?
  • Do you live in a small town where privacy is a concern?
  • Simply prefer the convenience of finding professional help in the comfort of your own home?
  • Live in a remote area that lacks the services you need (but has internet)?
  • Enjoy writing and quiet contemplation and would like some professional input?

Email counselling sounds like a great alternative to in-person counselling for you.  Scroll down to see details of rates and a link to PayPal.

Cost of an Email Counsellor

Email Counselling is less expensive than Online Counselling (and much less expensive than regular counselling). It is private, customized, convenient and allows you to look at your issues from every angle. You can find cheaper services on the net but I guarantee that a registered counsellor (in this case me) will read, consider and respond to your emails, personally.

Results from Email Counselling are excellent.


PayPal is one of the safest and most secure ways of paying for goods and services over the internet. Both you and I will receive an immediate acknowledgement of your payment and you can start work immediately. I will always reply in person, usually within 24 hours.

Counselling Analogy

If you like analogies (I tend to use them a lot) this is a good one:

Sometimes I’m ‘stuck’ with the technicalities of this website project but my website developer son, Thomas, solves my problems quickly and easily, confident in his work. He understands the internet and website and saves me hours of potentially wasted time. He listens carefully to what I and  want to do and knows what steps I need to take to achieve it.  I trust him and with his help I have achieved much more than I ever dreamed possible. Thank you Thomas!

Building websites is his area of strength: People are mine!

Next Step

Write to me and let’s work out your next step together with email counselling. I am a registered counsellor with ACCT (the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists) who are full members of FACT-BC, a Canadian organization which is working to license all counsellors under their umbrella.

About Me

I specialize in psychological and physical health using NVC (non violent communication by Dr Marshall Rosenberg),  Imago Style counselling (from Dr Harville Hendrix), coaching and TOT (Trust Oriented Therapy from Mahmud Nestman). This and possibly with a GNM perspective. I am a strong advocate of personal autonomy and growth, free from addiction. I am an advocate of strong and peaceful relationships through clear communication. ReBuilding lives after trauma is always possible: where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I work with couples issues, sexual issues, gender issues, family of origin issues, senior issues, physical health, individual growth and more. I also proudly support RecognizeAbuse, helping our kids stamp out child abuse and form healthy relationships.

I look forward to meeting you by email, whether you are local to me or live in UK, NZ, USA, CA, OZ or timbucktoo!

Whatever you choose to do, I congratulate you for choosing to do something to move your life ahead. Good luck!

Best wishes,


Julie E Taylor MTC RCS
Master Therapeutic Counsellor
Registered Counselling Supervisor

ACCT – Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada

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