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German New Medicine

German New Medicine – or GNM – is based on the science of embryology and has researched and mapped the connections between psyche, brain and body – scientifically. Resist the knee-jerk resistance instilled in us and give yourself time to read and consider. There is amazing consistency and every claim that is made can be backed up with scientific proof to today’s standards.

To take this theory and shape it into therapy is a challenge. The new neuroscience explanations and descriptions of neuroplasticity often support GNM, although they are not linked. GNM is in its infancy, as is the new neuroscience. Existing therapeutic relationships with practitioners who are open to including GNM and the new neuroscience with their own modalities are, I believe, the way forward. GNM does not specifically train their own therapists yet.

The temptation is to rush: to take this information in via our cerebral cortex and expect that our psyche will accept it? Right now… The survivor, deep in our brains, is far too skeptical and far too caring of our safety and survival to do this. It’s also a great ally and a formidable foe.

German New Medicine is exciting because it is duplicatable and can be verified with CAT scans.  I must admit that, despite my enthusiasm,  I am still a skeptic and like scientific proof and I can find that too.  These theories also fit perfectly with recent developments in both conventional and alternative medicine, which finally understand that ‘stress’ plays a pivotal role in physical health.

I believe that between German New Medicine, nature and other healthcare, we hold the key to ‘turning off’ disease permanently. We will still get sick but we will know best how to heal. We can also avoid serious illness by treating ourselves well before that mass of hidden iceberg grows.

I am very grateful to conventional medicine for saving my life. Today’s surgery and traditional urgent-care is second to none. The most exciting thing for me is that traditional medicine is starting to embrace and work with alternative health and I love to see a patient’s rude health and well-being the paramount goal of healthcare.

Fear is one of the ‘best’ ways to control people: the best and the worst. It’s the best in that it’s very successful and the worst because it is as sneaky and wrong as hitting below the belt in boxing. Either way, fear is not good?! Our healthcare industry is worth trillions of dollars and there is an understandable desire/need, to ensure its own survival.  Our health – or lack of it – provides many livelihoods.  Scary but true. There is no money in a well person.

Individual doctors and nurses genuinely want to help others. I know that for myself. They can only offer that which they have been taught in their genuine desire to help and heal. But. They can only know what they’ve been taught.

My personal belief is in decency.  ‘Decent’, surely, is to give the patient the information on every kind of treatment available, answer their questions honestly and support their choice – and their right – to choose?

Sophisticated advertising campaigns fill our heads with the image of a terrifying cancer-monster that, we are told, we are ‘at war’ with.  We are convinced that it can only be tackled by equally monster cancer-centres; prevented, treated and cured in ways that are often monstrously unsuccessful, painful, inhuman… and still cost lives.  Television and newspapers have fanned these flames of fear.

Alternative health practitioners are painted as evil. In truth they are no more evil than doctors and nurses. In fact, they are every bit as wonderful.

Everyone – doctors, nurses, counsellors, chiropractors, doulas, hypnotherapists, physiotherapists, massage therapists… – all need to make a living in order to do the work they love. However, we must also be called to account and improve health. It’s not good enough simply to ’cause no harm’.

Practitioners and patients alike are being distracted by an unimaginably wealthy pharmaceutical and health industry. ‘Dirty’ politics is hiding what is  really going on. Convincing ad campaigns, instill fear in us and focus on buying/needing their products, blurring the focus on alternatives and nature is elf.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we know in some dusty corner of our hearts that some of these treatments are simply inhuman. We can see that the odds of survival, with or without them, are very poor but often there seems to be no choice. What we are being told by the ‘establishment’ is often not the truth. Or the whole truth. There is a choice.  It’s time for a change.

What is the answer?  Very good news – for those of us willing to think outside the box!  The solution offered by our bodies and nature is safe, strong, kind and much less expensive, both in terms of dollars and in human suffering. The information is all there. The odds can’t possibly be any worse than they are right now.  We always have a choice: we don’t have to accept the status quo. We can change our treatment and prognosis.

Knowledge is power.

Believe in your body. Believe in yourself.  Stand together, with your friends and neighbours, sharing strength and courage and hope. Hold sacred the right to choose your own path, allopathic medical choices sometimes and alternative medical choices on others. It’s your life. Do not allow governments to mandate your health.

The establishment is not right just because it says so. 

Yes we created ‘the establishment’. In a way it is ‘us’. But… We need to hold the reins tightly and keep it in check. There must be good evidence that what is being recommended to us is actually in our best interests. And I, for one, cannot always find proof to confirm what they say.

The conventional health industry, which includes our hospitals, has had a monopoly on our health thus far. I long for us to change that. As consumers we are now more knowledgeable than ever before: we have Google! We can choose how we want to live and we are starting to find the courage to make the necessary changes. Health insurances will adjust, eventually, to serve us better.  It’s time for a change!

Steel yourself against the words you may hear at the hospital and don’t rock the boat. Yet… Nod quietly. Ask to see proof of what you are being advised. Don’t panic. Stay in control. Ask – quietly insist – for time to consider their words and plan your actions accordingly. Often you will be told there is desperate urgency… Which of course you ‘feel’ too, having just been given an awful diagnosis.

Don’t let yourself be railroaded…

…into making an on-the-spot decision. Such a typical ‘secondhand car salesman’ ploy like that would never slip past us under normal circumstances. Ask questions. Give yourself time – take the time you need. Appreciate their information and care but stand firm on your decision to think the information through fully.

Demand the same burden of proof  from the ‘establishment’ as you do in every other area of your life (and from ‘alternative’ medicine).

I am as proud as anyone of our first-class doctors, surgeons and hospitals: without their trauma care I would not have lived to write this book/website. I will always be grateful to my doctors. My surgeon, Mr Gortvai, played a vital role in my own survival.  I would literally not be here without him.

Adele Davis (who I never met) changed my whole thinking around health, years before my accident, and so set me up for success. Mahmud Nestman (who I adore!) showed me how to listen to myself. Marshall Rosenberg created the beautiful NVC that resonated so deeply with me. Deepak Chopra (I would love to meet one day) wrote the book Quantum Healing that was the first official confirmation of my thoughts.  Adele Hern is an amazing Neuropsychologist and woman whose work was pivotal in my second and third waves of healing.  I thank all the new neuroscientists whose work is now being taken seriously and Dr Geerdt Hamer for German New Medicine and his rich gifts to humanity.

Trauma care

Modern medicine is brilliant when it comes to trauma care. And there are areas of healthcare where alternatives offer a much better outcome. It’s a fact. It doesn’t in any way detract from all the wonderful and inspired conventional or allopathic treatments. Surely both can exist?

The rate of cure for many diseases and cancers with allopathic medicine is unbelievably low. Somehow we must find the courage, despite our fears, to peek outside the box. Various alternatives offer a very real alternative, a good rate of cure and a far better quality of life, both during and after treatment.

Some people will die. This is a very sad truth and none of us are immortal. For me, determining my own destiny is invaluable.

At the moment, the disease takes the blame for death caused by allopathic medicine failures. Whilst alternative treatments themselves are given the blame when patients die, whether or not they are at fault. Is this right?

Fear is driving us to accept treatments that we know in our hearts are not right. The fear-mongering has extended to smear campaigns and encourages a distrust of all alternative medicine. Unfortunately despair, indecision and apathy are rife because when a diagnosis is made we often feel at our lowest and allopathic medicine takes advantage of our ‘craving to belong and to be part of a cared-for group’.

These statistics are very serious and it’s time to take responsibility for our own health while we are still well. Don’t wait until you are sick before you consider what healthcare is available.

Google gives us an opportunity like never before. Research, choose and access the treatments you want – before sickness strikes. Understand and learn about cancer, MS, various neuropathies, Parkinson’s, ALS and a hundred other diseases. Experiment and have the courage and adventurousness to tweak everything you discover to suit you individually.

It is a different world today than 50 – or even 30, 20 or just 10 – years ago.

Ask for enough time to choose the treatment that you feel most comfortable with. 

The human psyche has to be ready to accept new information and we have to be patient and not rush the internalization of what is, after all, a complete paradigm shift. A complete reshuffling of everything we ‘knew’.

If you would like to explore the relationship between events in your life and certain symptoms from a GNM or neuroscientific perspective, make an online counselling appointment with me and complete the forms online, including the GNM form.

GNM shows how certain psychological conflict shocks cause certain physical conditions which manifest in certain places on the body.  Simultaneously. This can be quite complicated and has to be well aligned in order for changes to begin.

There are energy and spiritual medicines that have always believed in this sort of work but, before GNM and CT scans, there was no scientific proof or confirmation.

Today, with the advent of the CT scanner, every connection can be documented with perfect predictability and reliability.

GNM explains the links between our psyche and body, that we may disconnect them and find health, should we choose.

In this way, some of my clients have begun to heal their own physical challenges, including cancer. I am both humbled and amazed at how logical and how strong is the human body. Your own psyche is the source of all complete healing for your body. Of course there are accidents – physical accidents and accidents of birth – which do not conform to theories but for complete healing still require body/mind/psyche agreement.

The psyche initiates and drives every disease and condition of the body and this is evidenced by CT scans of predictable brain activity which happens at the same time. I’ve yet to see an exception: the psyche initiates and drives very real disease in the body. Make no mistake, the resulting disease is quite real.

If we can find and resolve the psychological issue, healing will start – of both emotional/mental issues and of physical issues.

The therapist’s job is to find out exactly where the client has been traumatized, psychologically, and gently walk with them on the path to healing. Emphasis is on the word ‘gently’ as psychological work is most successful if it is done without the pressure of being rushed. Along the way, with the help of GNM, the therapist can predict and warn the client what to expect in terms of symptoms and take the mystery and fear out of the process of healing.

It must be said that there are a few conditions which are best left unhealed as the healing process is particularly difficult to survive. Thankfully GNM can also warn us which are these conditions.

This whole process can be difficult, complicated and lengthy. It’s important to find the exact right psychological cause and then, if safe to do so, to resolve it gently, slowly and thoroughly. It’s never easy to see the issues that are ‘close to you’ and with GNM this is no exception. However it is completely non-invasive and works hand-in-hand with traditional/alternative therapies, enabling real success.

Unraveling how your psyche has perceived certain conflict shocks and how best to unravel them takes time and it is easiest if you can find a counsellor or other therapist to work with – using GNM as a foundation for your work.  I’ve seen amazing shifts happen – when you eventually find just exactly the right ‘shade‘ of the conflict and can see more clearly, perhaps for the first time. Only then can you begin to resolve it.

After resolution of the psychological issue, the body will go into healing, which is often uncomfortable but necessary. Many diseases are already in the healing phase when they are found and thorough understanding of what caused them enables the body to complete the healing process. The complication to avoid is to start healing and then, automatically and unconsciously, to circle back into the active phase of the disease.

Provided there are no ‘tracks’ causing us to go back into the active phase, we will run the course of the disease and heal. Chronic disease is often very difficult – but not impossible – to counter because there is an often unknown trigger – acting as a sort of ‘land mine’ – sending us straight back into the active phase of the disease. Our challenge is to uncover this ‘track’, which lives in the subconscious, and bring it to consciousness.

It’s important to take time. Words conjure up powerful images in the human mind and so to use the ‘right words’ is very important. Remember, this is a totally new paradigm. When your psyche truly understands what’s happening it will gravitate strongly toward healing… True understanding is crucial.

GNM isn’t always about life and death diseases. Often – mostly – it’s about much lesser disease and learning to listen to your body. Caroline Markolin explains how GNM makes us better – kinder and more thoughtful – people. GNM is about using our physical symptoms to help us decipher what’s going on in our mysterious psyches. It’s about linking our physical health to our psychological health. After all, we are one.  Our bodies, minds and psyches are all equal parts of what make us whole.  Our psyches, bodies and brains are all equally important and interdependent.

GNM is a completely new way of understanding our health. My own belief is that it’s vital to be able to truly understand this process. The human psyche takes time to absorb and internalize new information. To this end I am currently putting together some articles in an attempt to pace this information in manageable pieces. Excellent GNM education is already available – Caroline Markolin is a gifted teacher and explains GNM, straight from the source: Dr Hamer.  

Successful therapy comes from the application of this information in a clear and relaxed way in order to experience healing.

Using GNM I have seen usually painful and fast-ravaging diseases play out with considerably less pain and over several years rather than in just a few short and very unpleasant months: the quality of life is much improved for the sufferer.

However this in itself can make it more difficult for caregivers because we are already stretched with our modern lifestyles. Again, easier if we can understand better what is happening and better plan. Help is available but not easy to obtain because the state-run systems are set up to run with traditional medicine. Again,  knowing what to expect is vital and I would be grateful indeed to hear about your experience.

The psyche is ultimately in control of our wellness and healing. Our challenge is to learn to express what’s in our hearts in a gentle way and to find the courage to explore our minds and set ourselves free: Literally free of disease.

Julie E Taylor MTC RCS
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