German New Medicine – GNM

German New MedicineGerman New Medicine (or GNM for short) is a part of every health situation, whether it’s rebuilding health after a modern medical treatment (or alternative health treatment) or driving some conditions completely.

German New MedicineGerman New Medicine is a scientific, brilliantly researched, well documented, 100% repeatable, understanding and organization of symptoms that enhance natural healing in the human body and I encourage you to watch these brilliant videos, free.

This alternative therapy is known as German New Medicine. There are other similar Mind-Body medicines, such as Total Biology, much of which is based on GNM and the work of Dr Geerdt Hamer.

GNM states that all physical symptoms are driven by the psyche, in ways that are both predictable and healable. It’s an approach that, used skillfully, may achieve healing without any other form of therapy. At the very least, I’ve found GNM helpful, adding to the already powerful arsenal of healing that alternative medicine offers. At best I have been able to completely reverse a serious cancer diagnosis, stop common colds in their tracks and more.

German New Medicine says that the body, through the mind (which is a blend of psyche and brain) drives our symptoms. Many symptoms only occur when the body is already in healing. Whatever the circumstances, we can better trust the body to be able to heal when we understand the roots of our illness. German New Medicine gives us that framework. We can then support healing and use all medicine, conventional and alternative, to ease our symptoms and help us get back to good health.

On these pages I will attempt to explain GNM and give links to several other related resources. I will also explain how, even in cases where the cause of ‘illness’ is obviously external – i.e. an accident – how GNM can still be involved. To heal completely we need to use every tool at our disposal, including German New Medicine.

Personally I have found that a blend of alternative and conventional medicine, including GNM, lead to the best outcomes in healing. The mind is complex, for sure, and even if we ‘know’ something and think we believe it, we may not understand yet it in quite the ‘right’ way – or through the right lens. Getting back to good health often requires a blend of treatments and other alternative and conventional treatments can be effective.

In every case, whatever you read must be evaluated by your doctor who understands your particular symptoms best.