Ghost Feelings

So what is a ghost feeling?

A ghost feeling is one of those very real and very urgent feelings that come from our past, rather than from our present or our future. It’s almost impossible to recognize it as anything less than real…

  • There is probably no logical ‘now’ reason for the feeling – not really
  • It may seem very real and urgent but if you sit quietly and trust yourself, the event in your past that generated it will float up to your conscious thought
  • A ghost feeling is a feeling that seems very real – even inspired! When you  explore it though, you can start to see how it hampers your life and comes from the past
  • A ghost feeling is a feeling that the psyche controls your body with, rather than a feeling that emerges naturally from a present situation or action. The psyche does this in an effort to ‘save’ you from the hurt that accompanied the earlier situation