Natural Explanation of How the Body Works – GNM

This is a beautiful, natural explanation of how the body works. GNM or German New Medicine, believes that the psyche drives physical symptoms.

How many times have we heard doctors firmly blame ‘stress’? What is stress if it is not psychological? GNM understands that wellness depends on a balance of both the physical and psychological and when ‘we’ – organisms comprising mind, body and brain – fall into imbalance, illness follows. Not only that, but GNM can also predict exactly what symptoms follow which psychological ‘shocks’ (and only a ‘shock’ causes symptoms).

This ‘new’ paradigm, GNM  isn’t new. In parts of Europe it has been considered seriously for decades.  It offers a natural explanation of how the body works and is based in the best traditional science.

The premise is that if you can unravel and understand what psychological event triggered certain symptoms, you can both heal those symptoms and prevent them recurring.

It’s a complex subject: detailed and very well thought out. It is scientifically based and reliably reproducible. It can also be quite technical and complex. A brilliant  German physician, Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, dedicated his life to this amazing work: defining and detailing GNM.

I quickly realized the challenge of explaining GNM in words and was delighted when a young woman sent me these clever animated videosselling nothing at any point – to explain GNM and the 5 biological laws with cartoons!  They are clear and informative and I am proud to add them to my website!  Thank you for giving us this beautiful free and fun way to learn about GNM!

Don’t wait until you get sick… Or if you are already sick don’t wait another . Open your mind and gently include alternative explanations of health and sickness to co-exist and thus enable you to choose the right treatment path for you and your family. GNM costs nothing and may well lead you to the very best health of your life.

Watch these videos today – and check out the Learning GNM website, clearly written by Caroline Markolin.

Yours in wellness,