Intake Registration Form

Intake FormIntake Registration Form

Please read and fill out all 3 counselling forms online. This completes necessary admin and also allows me to get a sense of ‘you’.

For couples I would appreciate details from each person in the partnership, either on the same form (just take a bit of extra space) or by filling out a separate form. Thank you!:

  1. Limits of Confidentiality Form.
  2. Code of Ethics Form.

No need to download, print and scan – everything can be done easily and online.

Please note that I am domiciled in Canada and that my contract with you for the business that I will be performing falls solely under the laws and jurisdiction of Canada.

Remember to fill out all 3 forms – here are the links again so you can go directly to your next form:

Limits of Confid     Code Ethics     Intro Email