Kids Are Worth It! Book

I really like this ‘Kids Are Worth It‘ parenting book – and audio: ‘Winning at Parenting Without Beating Your Kids‘ – by Barbara Coloroso because they are full of such sound common sense. One of the hardest things to do in parenting is to be consistent – and Barbara agrees. Start practicing your ‘parenting skills’ while you’re children are a as young as possible – a rebellious teenager is much tougher to deal with. You need to hone your skills first!

Barbara’s philosophy fits perfectly with NVC and leads to confident contented kids – who, with NVC,  will know you hear them and who will listen to you in return. Together these two styles of communication can transform a dysfunctional home into a calm one – your whole family will thank you for creating a satisfying family life.  Not least of all, you!

NVC alone offers great insight into your child’s behavior – however, I like the no-nonsense approach of Kids Are Worth It and more often than not, the whole family benefits from Barbara Coloroso. If you read the book and want ideas on how to start applying what you’ve read to your own family, please feel welcome to email me.

Good luck!