Limits of Confidentiality Form

Limits of Confidentiality FormPlease read and fill out all 3 counselling forms online. This allows me to complete the admin necessary and will save us time in our first session.

  1. Intake Registration Form
  2. Code of Ethics Form

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Scroll down and read the Limits of Confidentiality Form below.

Limits of Confidentiality Form

At all times during the counselling relationship I will maintain strict confidentiality with you with three exceptions:

  1. Incidences of child abuse must be reported, according to my local (Canadian) Law. If the child is an adult there is no requirement on me to report. However, if there is a risk of further occurrence with other (current) children, reporting is recommended.  Please know that there is no statute of limitations on child abuse. This means that child abuse can be reported many years later, if you wish, regardless of current age.
  2. Incidences of potential suicide.  If I consider that my client is a serious threat to him or herself – ie if the client is feeling suicidal – I must by law report this risk to the appropriate authorities and request intervention and help for my client.
  3. If there is a threat of homicide,  either to my client or by my client to another person,  I must by law report this to the appropriate authorities and request intervention and help for the target.  I will also attempt to contact and warn the target of this danger.

Other than these three exceptions, about which I hereby give notice that I must disclose, everything that is discussed in the course of counselling is completely confidential. Please feel welcome to discuss this further if you wish. I always encourage and help a client to report an incident for themselves and the Limits of Confidentiality Form gives us a framework to help with that.

Please note that I am domiciled in Canada and that my contract with you for the business that I will be performing falls solely under the laws and jurisdiction of Canada.

Thank you.

Julie Taylor MTC RCS

NB: Please remember to fill out all 3 forms – here are the links again so you can go directly to your next form:

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