Mineral Vitamin Supplements – First Step to ReBuildingYou

Mineral Vitamin Supplements Are Essential – Traditional and New Medicines Agree!

IV Mineral VitaminIt’s a rare thing to find traditional, energy and alternative medicines all agreeing!  All trauma survivors have depleted their body’s reserves and need mineral vitamin and protein / nutritional supplements. And on that, medicine agrees!

After both physical and emotional trauma, the body is crying out to be rebuilt and minerals, vitamins, protein and good nutrition are the building blocks it needs. The body has a big job on its hands and if we give it quality building blocks, it will give us back our health.

I thought the amount of physical rebuilding would be less after emotional trauma. After all, how could an emotional divorce, a period of depression or an addiction be as physically taxing? But, no, somehow it is just as crucial.  Forgetting to eat – or not eating a balanced diet – is often part of emotional trauma. Protein Mineral Vitamin LadderNutritious food and high quality mineral and vitamin supplements are a vital first step to recover from all trauma. A traumatized body need good, easily absorbed minerals and vitamins and a multi, like Daily Power, is the best start you can find.

Finding a multi with the right balance of ingredients is a challenge. My body seems to be very sensitive and I have a horrid after-taste with most products. Not so with Primal Force. They don’t cut corners. They use quality ingredients and they have researched carefully for the right balance for their products to be truly effective.

In 1985 I was in a coma in the intensive care unit of my local hospital, for months, with injuries so serious that doctors didn’t believe I would make it. Thirty years later I am not only writing this article but I am walking, talking, driving, dancing, writing, running, laughing. Despite being told I would never walk again, I’ve lived a full life and raised 4 beautiful adult sons. I found my way through divorce, enjoy 8 grandchildren (from ages 1 – 19) and I think I look and feel as good as any of my peers. My healing started with excellent mineral vitamin supplements.

ExhaustedWhy am I so sure that nutritional support is so important and makes a real difference? The answer is that I found it to be true for myself, first hand, again and again.  I still stop taking minerals and vitamins and other supplements to see if my body can manage without them. And it really can’t. Still. After 30 years these supplements are still vital for me.  If I use poor quality minerals and vitamins I notice the difference: I look and feel exhausted with dull, thin hair, bloodshot eyes, breakouts and aching joints.

I’m also careful to use bubble bath, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, floss, nail varnish, body and face creams that have no chemicals. A compromised body does much better with the lightest load of toxins possible.

Mineral Vitamin B3 and AnxietyCheap supplements often don’t contain what they say, they are difficult to absorb and sometimes they pass straight through the body. Sometimes they are ‘passed out’ as identifiable tablets! Whole food based products are better absorbed.

A good multi mineral vitamin is very important at any stage of life but never more so than when the body is stressed by physical or emotional trauma. In fact, I wouldn’t like to choose which trauma was harder on the health, physical or emotional. Mineral Vitamin DepressionPersonally I found divorce and the months – years, really – of heartache and depression very difficult.  I felt completely wrung-out, emotionally.

After any trauma, the body is reeling and trying hard to establish normality. More than ever, it needs support to help get through this trying time. Primal Force are my favourite brand because they are nicely balanced, don’t repeat on me, good quality, absorbable and reasonably priced. A similar quality mineral vitamin would be more expensive in a store. They are only available online – which means you don’t have to stand around for hours in a store!

Mineral Vitamin B complexUsana are also good quality. Many over-the-counter supplements are of a low or varying quality, although Quest and Jamieson products are fairly well ranked. Earl Mindell has produced a vitamin ‘bible’ that has tested hundreds of supplements for quality and absorbability with interesting results. Buying the wrong supplements is a terrible wasted opportunity.

A good supplement is something you can do for yourself, straight away. It’s also the one thing a good friend can do for you. The quicker you start, the less condition you will lose.

Mineral Vitamin Dr Keith ShakesThere are also some excellent, easily absorbed, organic, grass-fed dairy milkshake powders, available in great flavours. These contain mineral vitamin, essential enzymes and probiotics and created by Dr Scott-Mumby. In hospital they  sometimes recommend meal replacements, as a supplement or in feeding tubes.  These products are an excellent choice and are of a far higher quality. They taste great too!

When the doctors had done all they could for me, I was still paraplegic, felt weak and exhausted and still  unable to speak properly or to write. My head was covered in itchy stubble, my skin with acne, I was incredibly dizzy and my limbs didn’t work. Yet as far as they were concerned, I was healed! I was speechless.

Mineral Vitamin Daily PowerFinding mineral vitamin supplements was a step I was able to take myself, despite my paralysis. I had already studied nutrition and I was able to work out a prescription for what I thought I needed. Unfortunately there was no one multi available and I had to ask my mother and several friends to source what I needed. I didn’t get everything in the right proportions but it was better than nothing.

This multi is an excellent base and shopping online is perfect for those who are in hospital. Primal Force vitamins are good quality, well balanced and complete. Supplements were the start of my healing!

Yours in Rebuilding,