A Natural Explanation of How the Body Works

This is a beautiful, natural explanation of how the body works – I have a feeling that every medical theory includes important elements and that wellness relies on a balance of all of them.

The natural explanation of how the body works – and medicine in general – is a subject I find fascinating and I enjoy to learn new points of view. I also like to share what I’ve learned! As such when I stumbled on an article, talking about how this new paradigm cost nothing and used no chemotherapy, no drugs and no radiation, I had to read more.

This ‘new’ paradigm, GNM or German New Medicine, isn’t new and offers us another natural explanation of how the body works. It has been around for decades and is based in traditional science. People have used it successfully for minor coughs, colds and infections and also for more serious disease and chronic problems.

The premise is that if you can unravel and understand what triggers symptoms, you can prevent them recurring. If you provide the body with everything it needs to heal – and trust that the body is capable of healing itself – you may also be able to facilitate complete healing.

It’s a complex subject: detailed, well thought out, scientifically based and reproducible, but quite technical and complex. A brilliant  German man, Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, dedicated his life to doing this amazing work, defining GNM. I was left wondering how I could even start to explain GNM in words, then…

A young woman sent me these clever animated videosselling nothing at any point – to explain GNM and the 5 biological laws with cartoons! I was delighted!  I found them clear and informative and I am proud to add them to my website!  Thank you for giving us this beautiful free and fun way to learn about GNM!

Don’t wait until you get sick – or if you are already sick don’t wait another moment – to at least open your mind to another explanation of health and sickness and another treatment option. Especially one that costs nothing and may well lead you to good health.

Watch these videos today – and check out the Learning GNM website, beautifully written by Caroline Markolin!

Yours in wellness,